Mar 8, 2013

FROM THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN: Japanese lesbian couple marry at Tokyo Disney

¨A lesbian couple, who held the first same-sex wedding at Tokyo Disney Resort, has made headlines around the world after they tweeted photographs of their celebrations last Friday.

The New York Times reported that Koyuki Higashi and her partner of one and a half years, Hiroko tied the knot in front of 30 well-wishers on Friday. Higashi, 28, is a stage actress turned gay rights activist after coming out less than three years ago. Although her partner did not reveal her full name as some of her family members are not fully comfortable with her sexuality, she hopes that her wedding will help create a public discussion around same-sex marriage which Japan does not recognise. Her Twitter account has since been inundated with congratulatory messages and positive comments.

When Higashi contacted the resort in May 2012 about the possibility of holding her wedding there, she was told that she would be able to marry her partner provided they were dressed "like a man and a woman". She posted their condition on her blog which soon attracted public criticism and the couple was told a week later that they could both wear wedding dresses.,,¨ please read it all:


Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh my. Congratulations! Koyuki and Hiroko are lovely. The first of many same-sex weddings to follow in Japan, I'm sure.

Leonard Clark said...

I think they are lovely too...especially brave in a culture where sex isn't really discussed...nifty ladies.