Mar 10, 2013

OUR DAY OF REST: What a lovely day of snoozing it has been

A day of rest featuring ¨Fido¨ de Gonzalez
I don't remember when we did it before.  I mean, I don't remember when this household slept the day away. It certainly wasn't recently because we have so much to do and say on the weekend.  Juan Carlos calls it spending the weekend in his ¨ jaula¨  or cage in English.  It's a voluntary way to spend the weekend in our little house -- he does it gleefully, as do I, and of our own individual accord, but this weekend was even better -- we relaxed entirely, slept, watched some movies and ate snacks.

¨Coban¨ de Kossoy (he and his new brother ¨Calvin¨ will be visiting soon)
We have four dogs of our own.  We also have the dogs of our friends, the famous Kossoy Sisters,, who often stay with us, when the sisters fly away...we convert into being ¨Camp Gonzalez¨ and joyfully all the dogs get along and we sing in perfect harmony just like them on's really fun.  

One of the fertile Cockatiel boys
Did I mention that we have various tropical birds, including a sometimes squawking parrot name Pancho (who hates me) and beautiful Cockatiels. of many varieties (that are so well cared for by JC that they have lots and lots of babies).  Then there are my favorites, the Doves.  The Doves that coo-me-awake in the morning and say good-night the same way.  I love the Doves.  Recently one of the Dove couples, Mr. and Mrs. Swell Dove, had a baby.  This baby had deformed legs and can not walk.  Mr. and Mrs. Swell Dove cared for their baby and now baby dove is a big dove that lives pretty much on her own scooting around on the floor of one of the dove jaulas...she's a fine dove and seems happy as can be.

It's almost time to go to bed...what a wonderful weekend it has been.
Thank you for being our friends
Here's looking at you kid!
¨Honey¨ wishes you sweet dreams too


JCF said...

Los Amigos Bonitos!

Leonard Clark said...

They really are and even the birds and Gold fish have personalities -- this house is filled with opinions on various things...but, of course we are all Democrats (except, possibly Pancho is a Republican).