Oct 14, 2009

PERMISSIBLE PREJUDICE: Republican Congressman John Boehner, have you met Daniel Rodriguez?

House Republican Leader John Boehner

¨Republican Congressman Boehner objected to House passage of a bill LAST WEEK that would "expand hate crime laws and make it a federal crime to assault people on the basis of their sexual orientation. Why GOP Leader John Boehner Opposes Hate Crime Protections for Gays,¨ read his whole absolutely dangerous, ignorant and pathetic excuse/disgrace, click HERE

Meanwhile, in the REAL WORLD inhabited by REAL and notable everyday citizens--over the weekend, the beating/hating and lack of FEDERAL PROTECTION continues for LGBT citizens. Representative Boehner are you a feckless/sleezey coward, a ignorant bigot and/or a happy accomplice to crimes of Gay hate? Have you sold out your integrity to the religious extremism on the ¨political right¨ or have you simply never had much interest in the basic welfare and common good of ALL AMERICAN citizens? Are you a highly paid politician occupying dead space? You DO nothing to prevent brutal crimes of hate targeted against LGBT U.S. citizens...in fact, you obstruct justice.

¨U.S. Citizen, Mr. Jack Price, 49, beaten by thugs...a shocking video shows the gay man trying in vain to fend off two attackers who repeatedly punch and stomp him on a deserted Queens street.

Watch the video that captures the brutal HATE CRIME taking place, Representative Boehner of Ohio, just click HERE, if you´ve got the balls.

BOEHNER and his FAUX RELIGIOUS ACCOMPLICES ARE THE PROBLEM as he and his Congressional buddies pander to fear/hate-mongering bigoted citizens who indulge in the spiritualike, often terminal, sickness of playing pretend using permissible prejudices for their holy faking.

"It's a despicable crime," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said of the assault in College Point, where the victim and his alleged attackers all live.

"The individual was attacked simply for his orientation, and we're just not going to tolerate it in this city."

UPDATE: Late Tuesday, however, Mr. Jack Price remained in critical condition at New York Hospital Queens, hooked up to a respirator. His lungs are collapsed and his jaw and ribs are broken.

Surveillance video captures brutal beating of gay man, Jack Price, in Queens; Both suspects arrested

Republican John Boehner, may I introduce YOU, yes YOU, to Daniel Rodriguez?

According to police, Daniel Aleman, 26, who was nabbed Sunday night, and Daniel Rodriguez, 21, was captured Tuesday night in Norfolk, Virginia.

ATTN CONGRESSMAN BOEHNER: REALITY JUST TAKES SOME GETTING USED TO (but you can do it if you start being personally responsible for your very OWN dangerous political absurdities)!

United States Justice Department SEEKS ACTION VS. GAY DISCRIMINATION

UPDATE: “We must fight for fairness and basic equality for our LGBT brothers and sisters who so frequently are being left in the shadows,” and to “ensure that there’s a level playing field in which our LGBT brothers and sisters are judged by the content of their character.” Tom Perez, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights.

ATTN: Republican Congressman Boehner, please read it all, click HERE

A friend of suspected gay basher Daniel Rodriguez who proudly displays his Leviticus tattoo says the attack on Jack Price wasn't an anti-gay hate crime and was justified because, he claims, Price hit on his attackers before the "beatdown" that sent Price to the hospital with a fractured jaw, rib fractures and a lacerated spleen.¨ ATTN: Republican Congressman Boehner, you may want to have this ¨Leviticus¨ ¨blame/shame¨ handy/dandy tatoo reproduced on your worthless butt as you continue to make a ass of yourself in Ohio, at The U.S. Congress and beyond, read it all, click HERE

UPDATE Saturday, October 19, 2009: 49-year-old NYC hate crime victim Jack Price talked about the attack with the New York Daily News from his hospital bed:

Republican Cogressman Boehner/Ohio, are you INTERESTED IN KNOWING THE TRUTH REGARDING THE VICIOUS CRIME OF HATE done to Mr. Jack Price? If so, click HERE.

Congressman Boehner/Ohio, are you capable of being honest with yourself and the rest of us?

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Brian R said...

Prayers for Jack Price. Glad they have caught the attackers. Do not want to think of those clergy and politicians who should be charged as accomplices in these crimes.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Prayers ascending!