Oct 2, 2009

SAFE PASSAGE: ¨Keep the Kids Warm with your Warm Heart¨

Help Us Keep the Kids Warm for the Holidays!

A Christmas request from my good friend Lisa Jensen (Episcopalian formerly of New Hampshire and Maine) at Safe Passage/Guatemala

¨It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner! They are always such a chaotic time for everyone and we don’t want to add to that chaos. Safe Passage thanks you for your very generous support to your sponsored child throughout this past year.

We decided this year to ask the Safe Passage Student Board to determine what might be appropriate Christmas presents for the children. All children voted, and they determined that what they need most is a new jacket to stay warm during the colder months in Guatemala... read all about SAFE PASSAGE/Guatemala from their most recent Newsletter, click HERE

·Thanks to Lisa Jensen
·Thanks to Mike Ritter/Photo
·Thanks to Safe Passage/Guatemala