Oct 16, 2009


Uganda Lawmakers Want A Gay Death Penalty

¨A bill introduced by Member of Parliament (MP) David Bahati, a member of the ruling National Resistance Movement, includes a provision that calls for the death penalty for gay men and women in Uganda, the BBC reported.
Bahati's Anti-Homosexuality Bill would approve the death penalty for having gay sex with a disabled person, anyone under 18 or when the accused is HIV-positive.

The bill increases the penalties for being gay in a country where it is already illegal.

It would also criminalize the “promotion of homosexuality,” effectively banning political organizations, broadcasters and publishers that advocate on behalf of gay rights. The bill's provisions that ban sexual intent are its most noxious and likely to be abused.

“A person who keeps a house, or a place of any kind for purposes of homosexuality commits an offense and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for seven years,” the bill says.

Friends and family of gay men and lesbians would also become criminals if they failed to report a violation.

“Who's going to occupy Uganda 20 years from now if we all become homosexuals,” James Nsaba Buturo said at an October press conference. “We all know that homosexuals don't reproduce.” read all about Morals Minister Nsaba Buturos ongoing fear/hate driven deadly/immoral smear campaign against the demonized citizens of UGANDA, click HERE

¨Ethics Minister¨ Nsaba-Buturo has initiated a ¨Witch Hunt¨ seeking out most everyday LGBT innocent citizens, at all levels of Ugandan life, to be discriminated against, persecuted/prosecuted, abused and punished to the maximum...even death.


¨Cheating¨is a larger problem in Uganda for Public Morality and Ethics Minister Mr. Nsaba-Buturo than waging HIS costly anti-LGBT Conference and organizing a ongoing hatecampaign. Nsaba-Buturo has initiated a ¨Witch Hunt¨ seeking out everyday LGBT innocent citizens at all levels of Ugandan life. However, working toward putting a STOP to Human Sacrifices, Rampant Corruption at Public Institutuions, Prostitution and Domestic Violence, doesn´t seem to be a priority. Secretary Buturo apparently doesn´t know the difference between ´morals, ethics´ and ´human rights´ or plain murder and witchcraft.

Monitor Online, Kampala
By John Tugume, Tabu Butagira & Patricia Walaga

¨The religious leaders, airing their views under the Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) banner, condemned worsening acts of marital unfaithfulness and domestic violence. They urged adults to repent and take the path of honesty and salvation¨

“The cases in mind among the many include; human sacrifice, child abuse, loss of professional ethics, unfaithfulness among couples, rampant corruption in public institutions, homosexuality, domestic violence and prostitution, which result in rampant abortions and child neglect,” read it all, direct from Uganda, click here:

Minister Buturo believes ¨the gays¨ have infiltrated local schools and are "luring" students to the ¨lavender side¨.

¨The government and loyalists, said Buturo, should begin compiling a list of suspected queer interlopers and, you know, have a good, old fashioned witch hunt: "I appeal to the investigative arms of the government to quickly compile reports of such students and their schools so that tough action is taken against them."

Ugandan ¨Ethics¨ calls for ¨witch hunt¨ against ¨gays¨ in Uganda, read it all, by ¨Morals Minister¨ Buturo, click HERE

¨Morals and Ethics¨ Minister Buturo of Uganda, speaks for God, read it all, directly from God to Buturo, click HERE

The Anglican Church of UGANDA excludes/marginalizes, demonizes/condemns and excommunicates LGBT Anglicans and others at the Body of Christ

Anglican Archbishop Orombi/Uganda

DEADLY WARNING: Anglican Fundamentalist/Extremist Gafcon Bishop Henri Orombi of Uganda threatens the right for LGBT Anglicans/Christians and other to EXIST and excludes LGBT ANGLICANS at all levels of Churchlife!

Heterosexual Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, Retired bishop of West Buganda, Uganda, was excommunicated by this ¨archbishop¨ after establishing a ministry for gay and lesbian believers in his community of marginalized/persecuted LGBT Anglicans.

Morals Minister Nsaba Buturos new anti-LGBT law would make it illegal for Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo, LGBT Christians/others to worship together because of ¨effectively banning political organizations, broadcasters and publishers that advocate on behalf of gay rights.¨

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Horrible old post colonials who take their cues from the successiors of their former oppressors, the "whitest" of the white...

It would be funny if it weren't so sad.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

That´s exactly it, Göran ...the money still speaks LOUDLY even if it the accent of fear and hate-driven updated bigotry generates it (in the U.S. often/sadly still with a Southern Accent)...the dangerous fools use discrimination as their low cost publicity tool...no sense trying to educate themselves and utilize the HUGE PRODUCTIVE TALENTS of all fellow citizens when defamation/slander is so common, so comfy, so easy to initiate in lands where civil war, racial cleansing and many bloated politicians and bishops set immoral standards throughout the culture...then, they´re amazed when the society is rotten to the core and they must ¨plee¨ for foreign aid and play a new version of suck-em-ups for extra funding (there is never enough money, even in oil producing Nations, it seems, for the ¨dressed up¨ manipulating thieves) from religious extremists who are using them for their own shakey, often demented, religious reassurance over and over again...no sense doing the right thing by examining ones own character and righteousness when doing wrong is so ¨flexible¨ and ¨traditional¨ and ¨acceptable¨ too...using the natural manly spirit/being of healthy men in Africa/beyond as a weapon against ¨self-honesty¨ in themselves and instigating the persecution/abuse and discrimination of others is deadly and wrong...and they all know ¨what they do.¨ If they do not know they are plain stupid, fear self-accountability/responsibility and most likely greedy politicos/fundamentalists screaming for validation and taking advantage of the opportunity to exploit the passionate spiritual sensibilities in a world where rationalized denial/pretend and local taboos allow vile and ongoing human/child scrifice.

motheramelia said...

Bless you for putting such hard to read material on your blog. These posts have been tough going for me and I'm sure others. Just putting all these things together is an act of doing justice.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Mother Amelia, The ¨posts¨ leave me weak, sad and humbled in the face of a vicious series of truths...it´s so clear there is much fear and hate promoted by Christians/others, we´ve got to own it, hard as it is...negative actions must be DOCUMENTED because we are responsible aspiring Christians and we attempt to love and not hate and destroy by fearing, blaming and shaming (or worse) *others*...where is the TRUST in God when Gods Commandments are ignored, twisted or damned?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Pobrecito, it appears ¨Ethics Minister¨ Nsaba-Buturo has scared himself to DEATH and wants to be certain that DEATH is contagious!

The man has lost his soul in the much of his own loath making and out of control hating.

Very sad but worse for the innocent victims of his vicious and spiritually/emotionally sick energy!

Who is this dude trying to please? It sure isn´t God!