Mar 1, 2012

IN ORDER TO DEPOSE OUR FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT: The Moral Authority of Mormon and Roman Catholic Bishops and Their Evangelical Pals

¨A Moral Authority¨

¨It’s like a bad joke opening, “Two Roman Catholics and a Mormon walk into a bar and demand that all the women stop using contraception...”

To make the joke complete let's examine the “moral authority” credentials of these three clowns and that of the "religious authorities" who want to make religion – say the “issue” that President Obama is not a “real Christian," or he is “anti-religious freedom" – an election year talking point.

Who is it that claims this moral authority and that also demands to be taken seriously? Why the Roman Catholic bishops and a former Mormon missionary of course!

I didn’t bring this up, they did! So cool your jets everyone who only wants religion to be respected and never criticized, even when that "religion" plays hardball politics.

Who are these paragons of tolerance demanding that the rest of us respect the reclassification of robbing women of their right to use contraceptives as “religious freedom?”

Using religion as an election issue in order to depose our first black president.
Back to our “two Catholics and a Mormon walk into a bar,” or rather back to Newt, Mitt and Rick walk into a bar. So what about the moral authority of the religious bodies they are "defending" -- as a way to actually attack the President? They brought religion up so lets talk about it! What right do they or their bishops have to lecture the rest of us?

When Mitt was working for his church as a missionary he was working for a church that at that time banned black men from being ministers.

When Newt and Rick speak for their church’s tender conscience on not being forced to insure women’s health, they are speaking for a church body run by old men who have presided over 50 years of covering up child abuse, sexual molestation and the codling of fascist regimes from Franco to Mussolini.

Like I said, this may be impolite to mention but the rest of us didn’t start talking about religion as an election issue in order to depose our first black president.

And what of the fellow traveler evangelicals ready to yell that they may be "personally" for "allowing" women to use contraception but that they just want to "defend religious liberty?"

Aren't they the people spouting anti-Muslim nonsense from coast to coast? Aren't they the people trying to ban gay men and women from marrying? These evangelicals seem eager to strip lots of people of actual rights these days while crying wolf about their own.

Like they say, people who live in class houses shouldn't throw stones. If the bishops want this fight, bring it on!...¨   please read it all, HERE  (photos and color emphasis added by Leonardo Ricardo)

Frank Schaeffer is a writer. He is just launching a speaking tour called Theocracy or Democracy.
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rwattonville said...

The government has NO business mixing in religion, but it has since the beginning. The biggest bad joke & hypocrisy is "In God We Trust" on the fiat debt-based U.S. dollar currency issued by the Delaware private closed corporation federal Reserve Banks. When Americans find out it is not worth the paper it is written on, they will not be praying.

susan s. said...
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susan s. said...

I love Frank shaeffer! He's on the ball most of the time!