Mar 16, 2012

ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY RETIRES/RETURNS TO ACADEMIA: Magdalene College, in the University of Cambridge, announces that the 35th Master of Magdalene will be The Most Reverend and Right Honorable Dr Rowan Williams/UPDATED!

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, retirement announced
¨Well, you just nip out for lunch at the end of a working week and when you get back there's several sackfuls of emails bubbling with the excitement of the announcement of the retirement of the Archbishop of Canterbury HERE and his appointment as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge (the college's press release HERE, and the present incumbent).

Williams was, in my opinion, always an academic. I trust he will find the role congenial, and that he and Jane are looking forward to returning to Cambridge and, presumably, to a quieter life. They met while he was teaching there in the late 1970s...¨  and there is much, much, more, X Factor to choose new Archbishop please read it all, by Paul Bagshaw, HERE


The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Happy at Last
¨As Dr Rowan Williams announced his resignation from the post of Archbishop of Canterbury, church officials began their search for a replacement sufficiently detached from reality to accurately represent their interests.

Williams is due to take up a post as Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, where he will be able to foist his medieval opinions on the impressionable minds of thousands of young people every year.

However, the void left by his considerable personality will need to be filled swiftly, lest the church accidentally find itself dragged into the 19th century.

As one Church official told us, “We face a homophobic vacuum unless we move swiftly. Without someone to take a stance against the gays we could find ourselves overrun within weeks – like a better dressed scene from The Walking Dead.”... there is more, HERE

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