Mar 28, 2012

The Coward of Canterbury: Fixation with gay rights can “fragment” society, says Rowan Williams. Oh dear!

Dr. Rowan Williams
After losing a campaign to ¨fragment¨ the Church of England, and well on the way to losing a  ¨sexual identity deceiving¨ campaign at the Anglican Communion it appears Rowan Williams, outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury,  thinks he now has the knowledge and expertise on how to cure social/equality issues in Britain.  

Dr. Williams preaches/speeches that in order to solve the abuse, injustice and everyday slander and exploitation directed against LGBT and heterosexual women, we must believe that the victims, who are currently marginalized and despised, are simply ¨fixated¨ with equality and therefore threaten to ¨fragment¨ society.  

Once again, instead of actually ¨doing something¨ positive to promote a healthier and more full bodied and loving  inclusive ¨society¨ at Church and beyond Church, Rowan Williams ducks, hides, threatens, talks/talks/talks and scoffs.  The Archbishop of Canterbury tells us all about how society doesn´t work but avoids mentioning  the real, and dangerous everyday living/hiding circumstances of millions of Anglicans/others living as a persecuted people in Britain, in Uganda, in Jamaica, in Nigeria/beyond.

The coward ¨fragmentor¨ of Canterbury adds nothing positive, or even realistic, or new, to a very sad and dishonorable ¨discrimination¨ situation that has been going on for lifetimes (ours) .   Dr. Williams chats about nusance and cultural incovenience...oh, dang, what a pain.

The embarassing, for him,  sexual orientation issue has been badly dealt with by Rowan Williams because he can´t or won´t face the human reality of ALL his fellow Anglicans/others.  The Anglican Communion is in danger of  ¨fragmenting¨ at this very moment because Dr. Williams has allowed ignorance, fear and hate to fester and grow.  Lies and wrongs against oppressed heterosexual women and LGBT have been allowed perpetuate themselves by going unchallenged at various provinces of the worldwide communion during his term as Archbishop of Canterbury.

Rowan Williams of Canterbury seems to have hid from the incovenient truth regarding the critical need for equality for everyone...during his decade at Lambeth Palace .  Now, at last, he notes that he was aware of  the including=fragmenting all along...just what did he think was going on while society has been excluding too?  

Rowan Williams and his ten years of destructive wrong action(s) at the Anglican Communion have left us with only a fragment of  ¨acceptance¨ and little unity...and that acceptance reflected little of his doing.    Leonardo Ricardo

¨Addressing a group of teenagers during a visit to the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, has claimed that a fixation with gay rights, race and feminism threatens to “fragment” the British society.

The Telegraph, which has campaigned against equality in marriage, also reports that the Archbishop has signalled an intention to become more vocal in the coming weeks, as he prepares to step down from his post, and take over the mastership of Magdalene College, Cambridge.

In debating the idea of “identity politics” with teenagers, he said it amounted to saying: “This is who I am, these are my rights, I demand that you recognise me.” He also added: “Identity politics, whether it is the politics of feminism, whether it is the politics of ethnic minorities or the politics of sexual minorities, has been a very important part of the last 10 or 20 years because before that I think there was a sense that diversity was not really welcome.

“And so minorities of various kinds and … women began to say ‘actually we need to say who we are in our terms not yours’ and that led to identity politics of a very strong kind and legislation that followed it.

“We are now, I think, beginning to see the pendulum swinging back and saying identity politics is all very well but we have to have some way of putting it all back together again and discovering what is good for all of us and share something of who we are with each other so as to discover more about who we are...¨ there is more, HERE

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