Mar 2, 2012

ALL OF OUR BEST ANGELS, BISHOP MARTIN BARAHONA and GRANDMERE MIMI APPROVE THIS MESSAGE: ¨Why do we need another covenant?¨ BREAKING NEWS -- Church of England dioceses of Chelmsford and Hereford vote NO on Covenant!


“The Windsor Report,” he said. 

“It’s just a report. When did it become like The Bible?

 The Covenant.

Why do we need another covenant? We have the Baptismal Covenant. We have the creeds. What else do we need?”

Archbishop Martin Barahona, Bishop of El Salvador and Primate Emeritus of Central America
Elizabeth I and Grandmère Mimi endorse this message  (Angels, both seen and unseen, told me)


Grandmère Mimi said...


Leonardo Ricardo said...

I knew it (truthfully, I read a note of yours today that mentioned how much the good Bishop Martin´s comment has meant to you over the years--me too). His words have encouraged me also when all seemed lost! Have a lovely weekend dear Mimi as we look toward Jolly Ol´ Ole´ England and see what this weeks Synods have to say.


Ciss B said...

I'm with Mimi! We DO NOT need a covenant.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

The Church of England diocese of Chelmsford (really big, 2nd largest) and the diocese of Hereford have voted AGAINST the Anglican Covenant more to report from todays Synods but this is BIG NEWS (no doubt causing some storming around at Lambeth Palace)!