Jul 3, 2011

VIVA MEXICO! Just had a little visit Norte of the Border up Mexico Way! Ole´

Dear Friends,

We´ve been away.  We went on a little trip North to check on Mexico and to be certain they hadn´t lost their cooking skills-- they hadn´t and the Chicken con Mole was heaven (or very close to it and only upstaged slightly by the BIG shrimp in BIG shrimp cocktails that we ate doubles of everyday).

You were missed and our best thoughts and prayers are with you always.

Life is quite an amazing thing.  Upside down, rightside up, North, South, East and West, it´s always fascinating.

Tucked back under the volcano we remain,

Los Amigos de todo y  feliz dia del FOURTH OF JULY!

Leonardo y Juan Carlos


Fred Schwartz said...

Did you save some mole sauce?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

FRED, Not only that, I puchased six foil wrapped boxes of Tia Maria Mole that I serve (doctored up with peach juice and real chicken broth) at my parties...love it and it´s sooo good!

Hope you are happy as a clam on the 4th of Julio--that´s TODAY!

Best to all,