Jul 31, 2011

THE GOD GULF: ¨...religious people and secular people alike do fantastic work on humanitarian issues — but they often don’t work together because of mutual suspicions.

Evangelicals Without Blowhards
¨...Centuries ago, serious religious study was extraordinarily demanding and rigorous; in contrast, anyone could declare himself a scientist and go in the business of, say, alchemy. These days, it’s the reverse. A Ph.D. in chemistry is a rigorous degree, while a preacher can explain the Bible on television without mastering Hebrew or Greek — or even showing interest in the nuances of the original texts.

Those self-appointed evangelical leaders come across as hypocrites, monetizing Jesus rather than emulating him. Some seem homophobic, and many who claim to be “pro-life” seem little concerned with human life post-uterus. Those are the preachers who won headlines and disdain...¨   please read it allHERE

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·  Thanks to  Nicholas Kristof

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You need to celebrate your diversity.