Jul 11, 2011

NO TO DEMONIZING, BIGOTRY AND MURDER AT CHURCH: ¨...the history of genocide worldwide where religious and political leaders decide that certain groups are simply not deserving of recognition as human beings...¨

2008 Lambeth Conference inhumanity: To Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury (and other reality pretenders and dangerous excluders),  YOU must stop isolating, demeaning and excluding LGBTI Anglicans at the Anglican Communon!
¨You did not hear or read much about it, but the arc of justice stretched far and wide on June 17, 2011, when the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution affirming that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons are entitled to the same protections afforded other human beings around the world.

I have never been more proud to be an American and a global citizen of the United Nations than on the day the United States and the majority of nation-members of the U.N. issued this declaration...

The Reverend Dr. Cindi Love,  Executive Director, Soulforce
¨...For my family -- my spouse of 31 years, my son and my daughter and me, the most important aspect of the resolution was its recognition that we are human beings, blood and bone just like everyone else.

When that simple recognition is not present in the hearts and minds of leaders of churches and nations, people die -- we've seen it again and again in the history of genocide worldwide where religious   history of horrors  and political leaders decide that certain groups are simply not deserving of recognition as human beings.

Alex McFarland of ¨The American Family¨ Association
Sadly, the politicians most often take up their killing ways based on the convincing bully pulpits of fundamentalist Christians and Muslims. Case in point -- Alex McFarland of the American Family Association, the group co-hosting Texas Governor Rick Perry's The Response Prayer Rally.

McFarland says that Perry's event is needed more than ever after marriage equality passed in New York. He claims that the world is now in The Latter Days and that we shouldn't confuse LGBT rights with human rights because LGBT equality means that immorality [will] become the law of the land.   HERE

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