Jul 9, 2011

Sort of a Music Hall Joke: ¨What are Archbishop Rowan's thoughts on lay ministry? Archbishop Rowan doesn´t have any thoughts on lay ministry, does he? Does he? Boom-Boom¨ Lay Anglicana

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, delivered his Presidential Address today at the General Synod's July 2011 Group of Sessions, held at York University. The full text  HERE

¨Archbishop Rowan is a gifted orator, and it is clear from the twitter reactions to his speech that it was well-received overall. For the bishops and clergy present, I can see that 'heart spoke unto heart'. But what about his listeners from the House of Laity? What about other lay people, looking on? What about the LGBT community, as David Goss reminded us on twitter?

I see nothing here for any of us except a desert and waste land.

Luckily, my experience of God is more or less the opposite of what ++Rowan appears to have in mind as the 'correct' way for lay people to experience Him, and that is solely as demonstrated by the ordained. Kindly meant, no doubt, but if, after 60 years of Christian worship, I had to rely on the priesthood to explain to me what was meant by Christianity, it wouldn't say much for their effectiveness over a lifetime, now would it?... please read it all By Lay AnglicanaHERE

...One priest who has shown, and continues to show me the way is the Revd Lesley Fellows. Here is an extract from a recent post of hers¨:

¨...The church sometimes draws me towards God and sometimes away from God. Sometimes I wonder whether there is more darkness than light in the church. However, I find myself connected to God through the Eucharist and even if it is that one sacrament alone that the church offers as light, that still leaves me committed to the church for my spiritual refreshment, however infuriated I sometimes get the Reverend Dr. Lesley FellowsHERE

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Lay Anglicana said...

Thank-you, Leonardo!
Un abrazo fuerte desde su amiga inglesa, Laura

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, Lay Anglicana!

I´ve left a comment at your blog but I couldn´t get registered...here too, except I´ve got an annonymous option...don´t know what´s wrong...but thank you again for ringing all my bells regarding Archbishop Rowan´s non-remarks (or at least the ongoing non part).


Leonardo Ricardo