Feb 4, 2009

Making ¨nice nice¨ with the Devil and his pals: UPDATED, February 8th, SUNDAY! Do we support bigotry with bailout funds?

It´s late afternoon, Latin America. The Birds are chirping loudly and the flowers are blooming loud colors. The Sun is streaming down...it´s the kind of day when accepting REAL life, no playing pretend, no thinking in denial, no ¨only if¨ passes my way...the train has left the station and there is no going back...all seems well yet there is more work to do, more people to serve and save from preventable disease and death and more humanity to embrace...more neighbors to love.

In the last weeks time there have been many things that have made me glad (and a few things that make me sad). The clear victory of decency and good-will toward all women and men happened in the United States Capitol of Washington D.C....President Barack Obama is a REAL reason for a sigh of relief and a huge THANK YOU GOD, Amen! AMEN! The World, and everyone of us in it, have been given another breather, another chance at peace, prosperity and a better understanding of one another, again...intellect and skill, as well as grace and basic manners and kindness have come to The White House.

Whew. It seems that a negative and obsessive national burden has begun to be lifted again. A immoral burden, a social injustice burden, a climb out from under pending doom and worldwide economic disaster burden.

Sorry, there is more to do, the Devil and his buddies are running out of control. Again. Still. Some of the work is urgent. People are dying, many are suffering in places like Sudan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Uganda and many are already dead.

Robert Mugabe, despot and self-selected President of Zimbabwe, tyrant, master scapegoater of others and murderer.

Never in my lifetime have I seen such outward expressions of everyday, FEAR displayed in public as the past eight years both in the United States and abroad...manmade acts in those years that seemed to encourage and celebrate war (I was a child, unaware of the acts of vileness during WWII), murder, torture, insult, rudeness, thievery, exploitation, resentment, punishment and plain old HATE. Never have I seen so many people give themselves permission to hate others, harm others, pontificate zealously, segregate other citizens, demonize and isolate *different* human beings while loathing others as they damn one another to Hell. All done, Proudly, Intentionally, Boldy. No humility, no shame..it´s been a eight+ year long WORLDWIDE, accross the board, SMEAR and terror CAMPAIGN! A political and religious hate campaign ending with great loss of integrity for everyone everywhere.

Never have I seen/heard so much degrading fantasy, and lies spewed out and about against LGBT people, and other minorities. Preached by religious and political leaders who don´t lead. Instead, these boys (and they mostly are bullies and immature, damaged, feardriven old men) plant poisoness and contaminated seeds of acting out against others as they preach/speak about the abominated lives of you, me and the all the other aledged ¨heathens¨...you know, the marginalized, the demeaned, the damned, the despised...we are to be found in the last and furthermost corner of everyday life where there is still universal ignorance and feardriven hate.

James Dobson, Focus on the Family, a breeder of dissension within families.

The NETWORK behind ANTI-GAY funding, read it all, click here

As if any of fear and hatemongering religious/political activists knew me or my character, sins or not, or yours, or my Heterosexual, Bi, Gay or Transgender friends down the street...these are hate and fear-mongers, everyday citizens, brothers, sisters, lovedones and friends are being persecuted by spiritually disturbed/twisted zealots.

Howard F. Ahmanson Jr, IRD Fundamentalist ¨Christian¨ moneyman, Savings and Loaner (inherited wealth), recluse and major contributor for YES on Prop 8, California.

BREAKING UPDATE ON Howard AHMANSON Jr. and others Follow the anti-LGBT BIG Money, do we indirectly help fund BIGOTRY with U.S. taxpayer bail out money? Read it all, click here:

QUESTION: Ought LGBT citizens, our families, our friends and lovedones and co-workers be using the Howard Ahmanson Jr, Savings and Loan related services and those of his bigoted buddies? Are we paying into the very financial firms that use their profits and payrolls, bonuses and/or other ¨perks¨ to slander, harm and exclude us?

Read more about the background and current antics of Howard Ahmanson Jr., Savings and Loaner, click here:

Faux ¨religious¨ mudslingers turned gunslingers know nothing about the inside of me, my actual character, or yours and/or our relationships with other human beings and with God. These fundamentalists assume ugliness about you and me, they spread fear and hate, they sometimes encourage massacre and war and they ALWAYS demand we adhere to whatever it is that they insist upon is their correct, flawless and exclusive version of Truth and Light!

Bishops Minns and Akinola of the Akinolan/Anglican Church cult of Nigeria...their CANA cult, Nigerian Anglican Church U.S. branch is currently in court for attempting to poach on many properties of The Episcopal Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The case has now gone to the Commonwealth Supreme Court (and may be headed for the U.S. Supreme Court).

Archbishop Akinola, who compares gay people to dogs, and calls their children bastard hooligans read all about Bishop Akinola and his deadly, and various, fear/hate-mongering inspirational messages, click here:

Never have I felt and seen the results of such strident defaming of others that has often resulted in outcasting, jailing, tormenting, murder and the instigating of crime and laws of hate as in places like Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya the West Indies and Iran...all done in the name of a God who needs no defense and furthermore COMMANDS us to Love God and to Love Our Neighbors/One Another as Self.

Bishop Henri Orombi of the Anglican Church of Uganda thinks Homosexuality was ¨imported¨ to Uganda so he is currently backing a ¨witch hunt¨ at all levels of everyday life in Uganda to cleanse Uganda of LGBT sinners of all religious stripe. Bishop, like Colonial Era blamer Mugabe, Orombi has also initiated and conspired for ¨takeovers¨ of various Episcopal Church properties at the Diocese of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A....the California Supreme Court just said NO to him with his takeover attempt and said NO to his bigoted accomplices too..Thou Shalt Not Steal. Got it, Henri? Are you ¨listening¨ or are you once more going to appeal for your right to demonize, demoralize, and exclude other human beings at all levels of Churchlife?

SELECTIVELY quoted Scripture...is ESPECIALLY NASTY when the Scripture is mistranslated or simply misunderstood/ignorantly preached, and/or intentionally rewritten to intentionally harm or control other human beings as The Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne will help you see more clearly. click here to read it all and scroll down for the English, also available at the right sidebar: all done, once again, continously, to cover the vile actions of religiously ¨righteous¨ folks, or to ¨cover¨ exploitive activities of those who attempt to GET, GET, GET no matter the cost to humanity.

UPDATE by The Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne read it all, in English, at the right side bar or click here:

They insist and demand that we understand the God of their grasping, clutching, feardriven and angry puritan religious ¨man made¨ cultism.

It won´t work. It´s never worked out well at the end for terrorfied, and insecure, liars and thieves who cover their actions with selfrighteousness at Church. That´s part of what we´ve been faithfully been helped to come to see/believe. It´s just not going to happen. The anger, the hate, the thieving can´t be sustained...and now, it seems, to me, there is a clear opening in the heavens to let GOD shine down on us again. Yet another chance at everyday decency! Again and again we´ve been given the opportunity to Love God, to Love Oneanother and to face REALITY...it looks like RIGHT NOW we have another opportunity to make ¨nice nice¨ or simply say NO to those who lack personal, and collective, integrity at the expense of our Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers at The Body of Christ and beyond.

It´s time to let fear drop away. It´s time to GROW UP EMOTIONALLY and SPIRITUALLY and to face God and REALITY and say no to pompus liars and thieves and to challenge the devil as he and his pals instigate/preach hate against humanity!

Thanks be to God that we can finally SEE before those holes in holiness tear the WHOLE fabric of humanity to shreads.

The Liars Club, Bob Duncan/Pitts (center right/blue), designated North American Arch Grandiose Wizard.

DEATH and/or prison for ALL LGBT PEOPLE in GAMBIA...President Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh struts his stuff.
President Jammeh´s Miracle’ concoction of green paste, bitter drink and bananas to cure AIDS raises alarm. Read it all, click here;

Fear! Gotcha? Who sent ya?

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Cany said...

Lots of good and bad in the last year.

We have a long road to go before we're through.

Tim said...

Leonardo, how right you are. The Devil and his imps won't take the recent watersheds lying down. But we have God and momentum on our side. Even those who claim to have Him behind them must be second guessing their positions. (Well, maybe not...)

What's been most interesting to me these past few weeks though is how rusty we've become at living and thinking without fear. Our confidence in goodness and justice has been so severely shaken it's like we have to learn how to live that way all over again. We're sort of like traumatic violence victims who need to redevelop our ability to walk and feel safe all over again.

I pray God heals us quickly so we can begin making the great strides into the future that now lay before us.