Feb 6, 2009

REAL PEOPLE/REAL HEROS: ¨We are campaigning for the very existence of the Anglican Church¨ The Reverend Trevor Donnelly, Church of England

Gaining Perspective:

¨I have been wearing my Inclusive Church badge for a few months now
(details on how to buy yours in this issue). At various times and in
various places people have asked me “What’s that all about?” I dutifully
explained what Inclusive Church stands for, and found I got a very different
response depending on whether I was talking to Church-goers or not. Usually
Church-goers would say (when I reached the bit about LGBT) something like
“You’re fighting a loosing battle there!” (to be fair my diocese is Rochester, not one renowned for inclusive practice). By
contrast, if I was speaking to a nonChurchgoer
they would almost invariably say “surely that’s just a matter of time now?”
It is easy for those of us who are deeply immersed in the life of the Church of
England to forget just how far out of step the Church has become with progress
made in secular society. Those who would condemn people because of their sexuality
are the extremists, those who would deny the ’top jobs’ to women are the extremists.
We are not just campaigning for justice in the C. of E. – we are campaigning for the
very existence of the Anglican Church, because if we fail then the Church will be
so far behind secular morality that it will be viewed as something between the “Flat
Earth Society” and the B.N.P. Join the campaign for a more just church, a
more inclusive church, for the very future of the Church!¨

Trevor Donnelly+

Inclusive Church Newsletter, February 2009, read it all, click here

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

True indeed!

Lynn said...

Left-wing inclusion monger! I knew there was a name for us.

Trevor+ brings up a very important point: the right-wing exclusion mongers don't reach beyond their own kind to see how the rest of the world thinks about their behavior. I think the largest group they ignore is the faithful but unchurched. Of course, I could be....

David G. said...

I want to leave this link with you Leonardo, it might help you on your blog. I know I've had fun with it.