Aug 28, 2013

IT´S THE WAY THAT WE SEE THINGS THAT MAKES THE WORLD BE THINGS: Life in Maya Guatemala and inspirations from the past

Inspired by love (of every variety)*

 This is a 4´x 5´ painting. I did it over 16 years ago. It has a great deal of special meaning to me as it was painted at the time of my dear Jose's murder (he was about two weeks short of being 35 years old) and it had been commissioned by him for his new office. I remember the top right was completely done before his death and he saw it the weekend before his death and loved it. Everything else was painted afterward...there are tears on this painting and I remember I broke down often while pushing to finish it and I continued to work on it the day after his death. A wonderful friend, Kami, purchased the painting after it was finished. Kami has lived all over the world but was here for a visit recently and it was great seeing her -- a lovely woman and friend...she sent me these photos today of the commanding spot the painting holds at her A-Frame home on a island off Washington State. I am so happy she has the painting as it makes a great deal of difference to me who appreciates it.

For my blog friends/accomplices:I hope you enjoy it too. 

To Jose and Kami, I love you both for loving me, and my painting which was inspired by Life in Maya Guatemala and you...siempre, Leonardo Ricardo/Len  Sacatepequez

*pointillism/acrylic/watercolor and metallic paint

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