Aug 26, 2013

ATTENTION ANGLICAN PROVINCE OF THE SOUTHERN CONE: Marriage equality come to Uruguay, Argentina (and soon to Chile)

Same-Sex Couples Begin Marrying in Uruguay

Marriage equality in the South American country took effect on Friday, August 23 as same-sex couples we’re legally able to tie the knot for the first time.


With the 90-day waiting period since President Jose Mujica signed marriage equality into law now over, marriages for same-sex couples began taking place in Uruguay on Friday, reportsBlabbeando.
However, none of the happy newlyweds who tied the knot that day could claim they were the first same-sex couple to say “I do” in the South American country. That honor went to a couple who was able to forego the required waiting period and was legally wed on August 5 because one of the men was dying of cancer. However, the couple was not named because they wished to remain anonymous.
Addionally, Uruguay recognized the marriage of Omar Salsamendi and Federico Macerattini, who had wed last year in Argentina, on August 19.
Nevertheless, one of the most heartwarming stories of the day belonged to Ruben Lopez and Mario Bonilla who were finally able to make their union legal after being together 21 years. The occasion was made even more memorable because the couple was also able to register as the joint parents for their son Camilo, whom they adopted 17 years ago, for the first time.
See clips from the couple’s moving ceremony in the video below.