Feb 23, 2013

Rafael Correa, Ecuadorian President, Apologizes To Gay Community During Reelection Speech (VIDEO)

¨Ecuador's President Rafael Correa kept his word to the gay community and apologized a second time on Sunday, after his re-election, for homophobic comments made last year.
At the time, the Ecuadorian leader had used the word "faggot" to insult a reader who had criticized his government on a local newspaper's Facebook, referring to him with the same term. Correa later explained he had used the word in an attempt to call his offender a "coward," according to the Spanish news agency EFE.
However, after the LGBT community in the country demanded an explanation, the president apologized in writing and ensured he was not doing it to win votes but because he was genuinely remorseful about the incident.
After winning his third term in office, Correa took a few minutes out of his re-election speech to reassure the country that his government has a genuine commitment to defend everyone's dignity and equality.
“We are diverse but never unequal,” he said.
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