Feb 1, 2013

LEONARDO and the NIGHT VISITOR: Last nights visitor was Madame What's What!

NOTE:  This stern beauty is a old photo I found online.  However, a vision like her sometimes drifts into my unconscience life   (accident, I just noted this lady is a early cross dresser -- holy vaca).
I've been paying attention to my dreams

I´ve always had lots of dreams and it seems almost every night is a dream festival.  Sometimes they are non-stop throughout the night.  I know that.  They rarely ever startle me and for the most part I rather enjoy the ride...trust me, I have gone where few have been (without the benefit of drugs).  

Some of my dreams reoccur.  For example, there is one scenario, even though the scenery changes each time, where I am constantly visiting homes and apartments (often in small seaside villages where I have never been) looking for the one that is my home.  When I find it, I wake up before I have time to settle in!  I have become familiar with homes, with decor, that I have never visited except in my dreams. On it goes, the nesterman in me on the move, looking for my very own home.

Perhaps in a previous life (or twelve) I have known various homes that are unfamilar to me in this life (I believe in past lives and I think I am a very old soul). Homes that I revisit with my very vivid imagination while sleeping.  Who knows?  Not me. 

A previous shrink of mine said ¨dreams are interesting, but they don´t necessarily mean anything¨ so, I go along gladly for the ride into the great beyond.

Last night, around 3:00 A.M. (I awoke to let a dog out) I met a old messenger who comes to visit the inside of my head.  She is a stern puritan minded lady who comes, from time to time, to tell me stuff!  Rules of life as she would have them about the world according to her and what´s what and what´s not what!  This squeaky clean lady is in charge of everyones worldwide propriety and gives brief lectures, like spoken power points, about what I ought do or not do (and you ought do and not do too).  

Mil gracias (I'm sure).

Fascinating, of course, but I've always been a defiant sort of fellow, so I am not terribly impressed with her clipped when spoken minor diatribes.  Last nights visit was notable only in the fact that she hadn´t visited and delivered her ¨in's and out's¨ for a while.  Don´t misunderstand, I like her and all that, it's just that I find her a tad annoying.  Maybe a tad annoying like I can be when I start in with my sermons advising a friend!

Ah, reality.  It just takes some getting used to.

Have a great weekend.

Leonardo Ricardo/Len
Sacatepequez, Guatemala

(the birds are chirping and the sun is strong)


Grandmère Mimi said...

Len, did I start all your posting about dreams with my story of my nightmares? :-) I must say that you have a lively and interesting night life. The puritan lady is especially intriguing. If I dream all night, I only remember those that come in the early morning.

Leonard Clark said...

Hi Mimi, Nope not your nigtmares...although we did hit on a common idea at about the same time I think...perhaps I dreamt that your nightmare ought make it ok for the posting of my dreams too!

If I particularly like a dream I try and recall it in detail the moment I wake up. It doesn't matter when I wake up. Usually my sleeping pattern has a recess and I'm awake for a hour or two in the middle of darkness...years ago I decided I would enjoy that quiet time and not fret about not sleeping...works for me and this is the time I often reflect on what has occured, asleep or awake, in my life most recently...recap time, what could I have done differently, better or not...what did I do well? The beat goes on...snore. Un gran abrazo, Len (went with the twins to San Cristobal las Casas last week -- great time).

susan s. said...

I like this one too!