Feb 3, 2013

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The garden of Juan Carlos in the full sunlight.

As some of you know,  Juan Carlos is gardener,  houseman, official photographer, gamekeeper, a sorta-volenteer-vet-rescuer/groomer of doggies in the street and responsible friend to man and animal (and he works and goes to English school too). 

Juan Carlos and a rabbit named ¨Desire¨
Juan Carlos also is a fine and always vigilant good natured (mostly) person to be around and he keeps all things in running order and better, improved or rehabilitated (a Guatemalan custom)..he buttons down the hatches daily/nighty and everything is secure at the foot of the volcano with Juan Carlos on duty (and a little pack of dogs who will have no part of any irregularities either)! 

Today, Sunday afternoon, here are some fresh photos of life around our house and ever blossoming jardin which gives us great joy (and artistic inspiration for me):

full bloom, just like us
Bonsai's everywhere

All is well at the foot of the volcano and Pancho, the mean parrot (except he likes Juan Carlos), has a new, larger, roomier and more luxurous cage that JC ordered, painted (gold/bronze) is pleased as can be to posture parrotlike in...not a squawk to be heard, our world chirps with delight this afternoon.


motheramelia said...

Just the sort of pictures I need to look at in this time of bleak midwinter.

Leonard Clark said...

Hola Amelia,

Makes me all warm and fuzzy too (and I am warm and fuzzy anyway). Best to you, Len

Leonard Clark said...

Susan, I accidentally deleted your comment...but, yes, I'll have Juan Carlos take a photo of mean bird Pancho...afterall, being mean ought not prohibit his exposure here -- Lord knows, Henry Orombi, and Petey Akinola have been covered extensively and they are lower than low!

susan s. said...

Oh, thank you! At least you read it before deleting! Yes, if Orombi and Akinola, why not Pancho?