Feb 13, 2013

MY VALENTINE GUSHETH FORTH: I am grateful for thousands of Valentines who have been loving and giving to me for as long as I remember.

I spend hours everyday in my art studio.  I paint paintings (and more) in my studio and I have hours of time in my mind to run my very own real (mostly) life NEWS replay.  Actually, it's not just old news that I rehash in my mind but it's my very own full-length FEATURES (where sometimes I've been leading man and even remembered my lines) that intrigues me so.  A private showing of my own history drama, both good and could have been better, scenes/acts (they weren't always a smash).  My life observed by Leonardo Ricardo/Leonard Clark, me, spin reels and reels of playbacks, no editing please, in my head everyday. I'm thrilled, to have captured (mostly) memories, and I have time with, just me, to see them over and over again.  

Here I sit on the eve of my 69th Valentines day and I feel I have covered much ground, lived a full measure of possibilities and held almost nothing back.  I let what will be, be! I think I have played a full hand with the very good hand I have been dealt. A full/four color vividlife complete with vistavision, booming stereo and lots of good luck (and even a little grand standing and up staging too).  The real deal, the real McCoy, I got to act out being the real me and the saga goes on.

If I were playing Bridge, I would consider myself as playing out a lifelong hand that still looks headed for a Small Slam.  It would be a Grand Slam if only I could be sorta famous again, make big money (like I once did) and have the freedom to do as much for others, like that has been done so generously to/for me. Yet, I have everything in a personal and fully-packed/passionate life to be thankful for.

Thanks be to God and all of you who have come to the table and played your hand graciously with me and you are good sports too.  You who have been so loving and giving with/to me.  Thank you.  

I am grateful for thousands of Valentines who have been loving and giving to me for as long as I remember.  Way, way back to when I remember my first Valentine, my Mom, Ardythe Beardsley Clark.  

I love you truly, yes, I do.  I have kept score and you ALL are my winners both now and before and I am humbled when I ask you to be my Valentine once again this year.

Happy Valentines Day

Leonardo Ricardo/Leonard Clark Beardsley
Sacatepequez, Guatemala
St. Valentines Eve, 2013


Grandmère Mimi said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Len. Lovely post.

Leonard Clark said...

Thank you Mimi and a very happy Valentines Day to you too! You are loved (by zillions)! Len

Ciss B said...

THough a bit late, I hope your day was fabulous!! :-)

Leonard Clark said...

Hi Ciss,

I had a great day. Lots of Valentine shaped activities surrounded my day with several wonderful valentine shaped friends to share the day with. I hope yours was a happy one too. Len