Oct 12, 2012

MY HERO! Vice President Joe Biden´s Grand Slam!

Joe Biden, Vice President of The United States of America
Last night I watched the Vice Presidential debate on CNN International. Last night I clearly recognized that Congressman Paul Ryan is playing a game of political pretend.   He pretends he's a knowledgeable leader and friend of the middle class.  Unfortunately, for Mr. Ryan, he can no longer be considered a serious contender for Vice President of the United States because of his inability to be truthful, although the man seemed well prepared, he wasn't honorable, as he twisted and turned real facts into weapons constructed to support self-serving lies.  The man is a disgrace to his Nation and Political Party.  Thankfully, the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, captured the debate opportunity and exposed the bigtalking opportunist for what he is:  A selfish, grandstanding, instrument of big business (medical industry and oil) and pridefilled shallow hot-shot on the run...as I read this morning elsewhere, ¨Sarah Palin with no lipstick¨...simply another candidate as a Fox News loose cannon talk-show-filler for hire. 

Thank you Joe Biden.  Today  I will vote for you and President Obama by eballot from Central America and mail in my confirmation of doing so.  Four more years of wisdom is coming my way and you have continued to earn my trust and loyalty.  Thank you for all that you do (and sometimes for what you don't do).  Leonardo Ricardo

TRUTH and DECENCY:  Thank you Vice President Biden

VP Debate: Paul Ryan Lied 24 Times


JCF said...

Well, my Numero Uno Grand Slam yesterday, was by Buster Posey :-D

...but the Veep was close second. ;-)

Obama/Biden 2012



Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks JCF-- OBAMA-BIDEN 2012!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Joe Biden is my hero, too, Len. He was great. He taught the little pipsqueak a thing or two.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Of course he reacted with smiles...almost the whole of Ryans remarks were as deep as his skin deep bravado! One billon push ups too many cause stunted thinking?

Grandmère Mimi said...

And don't forget Ryan ran marathons in under 3 hours - NOT. His time in his one marathon was over 4 hours.

Leonard Clark said...

Only a little confusing: Ryan ran his mouth off for a little under 4 hours without saying anything.