Oct 17, 2012

PRETTY IS AS PRETTY DOES: Mormon Pastor/Bishop Romney on the run!

Former Governor and LDS ¨Pastor and Bishop¨ Romney getting a taste, in his face, of his own not-so-real-reality!
A ugly glimpse of the Mitt Romney we've come to know during this ¨election season¨ happened last night.  Suddenly, during the U.S. Presidential debate, the perma-smirk of Mitt Romney failed him and we all got to see the emotionally twisted real and selfish greedster, who profits-by-destroying-the-lives-of-others.

 Romney's tough talk can't cover his real record on China
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Romney's Bain Capital Is Sending Many Jobs to China the Day Before the Election
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¨Pastor/Bishop¨ Romney, the liquidator and opportunist-on-the-run, was fully revealed to us last night as he attempted to show off his grand, yet empty of solid fact,  country-saving style recovery plan.

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Again, over and over again,  selfseeking/preening Bishop ¨Pastor¨ Romney attempted to smear the personal character of President Obama instead of  cleanly spelling out his own recovery vision/illusion for America. 
The Self Destruction Of The One Percent
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Romney seemed content to tell us of the many acts of self-less service he says he rendered to the ¨needy¨ at his Mormon Church and underscore what a fine fellow he was/is when others, not him, are ¨down on their luck.¨  

 The One Percents Titanic Self-delusion
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Sadly, Romney was/is willing to go to any length with slurs, lying and outright slander to diminish the hard work of President Obama over the past four years. 

Obama team believes President Obama reset the race
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Fortunately, LDS Bishop Romney, revealed for all of us to see, a prancing and shallow second rate salesman and opportunist politico last night.  He may be filled with ideas and ideals of a Romney perfect world but I think they are sugar-rush-plum fantasies and falsehoods dancing in his head.

The Truth Is, Romney Is A Flat Out Liar
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Better to know now, rather than later.

Presidential Debate: Romney Lied 31 Times
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Leonardo Ricardo on Wednesday

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Well done, Len. Good work. I'm a blogger, so I know this sort of post takes time.

Leonard Clark said...

Thank you Mimi...it took me hours on my new computer but I had to get my message out...doesn't matter how many ¨hits¨ I get (but, I did get lots) but I find blogging helps me dig deep down and discover what is most important to me...a very inexpensive therapy.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Me too, Len. Blogging helps me retain what sanity I have left. :-)