Jul 11, 2012

SIDEWINDING SPEWERS OF DEATH: Bishops and anti-LGBT "inclusive" Clergy and Laity at the Anglican Communion

Spellbinding but deadly

I'm visiting Texas.  Lots of wonderful, colorful and seemingly "normal" people here.   I see them and meet them as quite a friendly and joyous lot and for that I am thankful to be glad about my visit.  Here in the depth of "southern" hospitality and eyeball to eyeball "sincerity"  I feel accepted.  That is, I do feel "accepted"  as long as I conform to the mostly-non-allowable rule that I not rock any boats by being the authentic version of me.

I'm reminded of the recent " statement"  from the Bishop and Diocese of South Carolina at TEC General Covention about how "pained" he-they ARE, please know it and know it well, as if they hadn't spouted off for decades by pontificating about how Holy they believe themselves to be, before.  These poisoness, to fellow human beings, Christians are far less spiritually "sin soiled"  than you and me as they strive for Anglican purity...bless them and thar little hard hearts when they try to avoid mix'n it up culturally with the likes of me.  No doubt in a lifetime or two they will be forced to face Gods reality:  Their brothers, sisters, coworkers and best friends have been sitting and waiting for them all along.  Some of us are sicker than others and that is plain old fact.  May their fear and hate fade away.  Lord have mercy (it's raining in Texas, perhaps the draught is coming to the end).

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