Jul 16, 2012

MOVING DOWN THE ROAD: My journey continues

Reality just takes some getting used to...

I've been visiting Texas for several weeks.  I came here first to work and then later to visit a good friend.  I've not visited Texas in over a decade (other than quick transfer stops at their various airports).  Something that impacts me strongly is a reaction to "things are changing"...here, and I suspect in other parts of the U.S.A., there seems to be a strong sense of National Pride based on a all new standard of a more inclusive society...there appears to be much more racial intermingling and for that I am happy and pleased...there is hope as I see it that soon there really may be equality and justice for all...all may soon mean all.  I don't think everyone is happy about this...but, I am.  Onward down the path I go.  Leonardo Ricardo in Texas

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motheramelia said...

Oh Leo, I do hope that is true. Texas (government) has done so many things recently that demean the dignity of women and minorities that equality and justice seem to me to be so far away there.