Jul 8, 2012

HOLY VACA! Lord Have Mercy

I'm in Texas.
I just returned from a very passionate preach'n and beseach'n church service down the road.  My friend Lisa wanted me to go with her.  I did.  I won't be doing that again without being fully clothed in protective gear...not kidding, I felt contaminated after around 70 minutes into it.  I think the place spiritually dangerous...knowing St Davids Episcopal is downtown made me feel better.


JCF said...


Did Lisa not know this church as well as she thought? Or did she not know YOU as much as you'd hoped? (If that's not too personal a question)

The older I get, the less patience I have for sitting through BS. On the TV or radio (or internet), I switch channels when BS comes on, All The Time [Even listening to NPR in the pool today, I had to swim to where the radio was, to turn off some greedy b*stard who was saying there should be no minimum wage! >:-( ]

Leonardo Ricardo said...

JCF.. I was spellbound...like watching a music manlike musical... I went to try and not have contempt prior to investigation (I sorta achieved that goal) ...won't be doing that again.