May 17, 2010

Being endlessly tolerant of UNFIT spiritual leadership and empty/flawed second rate religious fellowship has NOW caused the running rampant of hatred

This morning, it´s early Monday morning in Latin America, I started reading the commentaries that had arrived during the night on my blog feed. True, my blog feed is somewhat ¨biased¨ as to content as I, long time ago now, learned how to edit negative nonsense, blind dogma and feardriven ¨vicious¨ demands/attacks from bigots on the internet.

Was I a ¨good Christian¨ to listen to ¨Religiouslike¨ Christians/others who eventually, and often, exposed themselves as common thieves, hate-mongers, sexual perverts and pridefilled/greedy monsters who would stop at nothing to suck the living blood out of OUR living Society whilst keeping themselves well-protected as they harmed others at Church?


No longer does my ¨listening process¨ include being ¨willfully¨ abused, or ¨going along¨ with Anglican (other) Clergypeople/Laity who often are educated in the sickly/backward ministry stewardship of initiating fear/hate and instigating pogroms, excluding, demonizing, exploiting, slandering/abominating acts supported by rigid, and very selective, Scriptural ignorance at Church. HERE

No to Shame! No to Blame! No to Guilt! No to Lies!


My ¨tolerance¨ for the progressively demented/dangerous and terrorfilled extremist brothers and sisters at the Body of Christ and in everyday culture has been stretched beyond ANY reasonable social or religious request of me. ¨Listening¨ to non-stop blatant slander and back-alley/locker room slurs does require a FINAL RESPONSE. Perpetuating lies by remaining silent is a SIN! It only took 60+ years for me to learn how to stop DENYING aggressive hate from the abusers. Abuse and lies that were directed DIRECTLY at me and people like me. I had to learn how to start IGNORING the innermost/flawed blind rage spewing out of the mouths of religious bigots. I learned again to TRUST GOD instead of paying attention to some of the demoralizing INSANITY preached in and around Church.

I kept thinking that I needed to be more TOLERANT of them and not simply say ¨No¨ to fear and hate!

No means No, lives are at stake.

Being endlessly tolerant of UNFIT spiritual leadership and empty/flawed second rate religiouslike fellowship has NOW caused the running rampant of hatred at the Global South and amongst other schismatic human ¨sorters¨ at The Anglican Communion in North America and beyond. Thanks be to God there is no REAL traction for this less-than-Anglican ¨demeaning/damning of others¨ movement at The Southern Cone of South America or Latin America in general--bloody Jamaica is an exception as longtime/flawed and failed religious leadership has resulted in it becoming a Hate Crime riddled State...number ONE in The Western Hemisphere. There is hope for me, US and them if they are told NO, or IGNORED or DENIED CREDIBILITY until they reach out for HELP and/or admit their wrongs against others!

The insanity must stop.

FEAR and HATE are running way out of CONTROL in Central Africa and we ought continue to ¨fall away¨ from religious hysteria, fouled leadership, crude justifications/lies, civil/church corruption and basic wrong doing.

We must OBJECT and say NO as we´ve heard and seen quite enough. OUR ¨listening process¨ has been morally compromised by grandstanding/exploiting irresponsible religious ¨big shot¨ criminals at Church. Time to say no to discrimination, exploitation, rape, sexual slavery, injustice and theivery.

I consider my REFRESHED determination to CONTINUE to realize that most abusive/abused fellow pew sitters are quite emotionally/spiritually sick and my former reason for ¨tolerating¨ them is quite dangerous to everyones spiritual good health. God always wanted me to say YES, NO, MAYBE (and then change my mind entirely or repent) but the absurdity of quietly/forever ¨listening¨ to un-Christian pontificating by loathsome ¨mitred pied pipers¨ is wrong!

I wanted to ¨fit in¨ and be accepted at Church/beyond and I was willing to compromise my common sense and some VIRTUE to pass for holylike amongst the demeaners of others. I had forgotten the promise of redemption in all areas of my REAL LIFE would FAIL if I practiced being the less-than-authentic version of the person that God created me to be.

God hates PRETEND. God has made it clear to me to face reality in all my affairs.

I am WILLING to be ¨self-questioning¨ because I was raised, and reconfirmed in my lifetime, to keep the focus on the sometimes less-than-perfect personal character inside of ME! I have and will continue to do the necessary self-housekeeping however I will not submit myself to ANY further attacks or ¨religious critiques¨ by anti-LGBT bigot-excluders at Church (no matter how dressed up in their Sunday best disguise). No longer, no matter where I am, or will be, will I allow rationalizing abusers to USE me, or people like me, for their scapegoats as I sit silently. I will no longer play ¨catch¨ with those who demand ¨certainty¨ that they are more wholesome or more holy/pure or more sexually ¨correct¨ than me...I finally know that it is they who are still learning how ¨to be¨ it´s NOT me! I learned that part already.
Leonardo Ricardo

Please note another SOURCE OF INSPIRATION at my sidebar:

¨For the sake of God, Anglican Church must put aside its differences¨

Ruth Gledhill: Commentary HERE

UPDATE: Religion Can Be a Dangerous Thing

¨...We can’t afford to underestimate the enmeshing of a reactionary form of what is called “Christianity” (a so-called “Christianity” that is, in and of itself, a perversion of all of Jesus’ teachings, as well as a perversion of the point of His very life and ministry) with both politics and our culture; that perversion of Christianity has largely created and now fosters the negative and distorted perceptions held about LGBT people by all too many people within secular society.

When clergy and other professing Christians bear false witness against LGBT people, degrade them, engage in hostile rhetoric against them, discriminate against them, and seek to deprive them of the very same civil rights that they enjoy, they are not preaching the Gospel of Christ!

Indeed, willfully or not, knowingly or not, they are preaching and doing the devil’s work!...¨

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TAKE ACTION AGAINST BIGOTRY, IGNORANCE, SPIRITUAL and SOCIAL ISOLATION: The ANGLICAN UN, United Nations, HUMAN RIGHTS Observer, Mrs Hellen Grace Wangusa from Uganda, has an office and staff provided by the Episcopal Church (USA) at the Church Center 815 Second Avenue, New York, 10017. The direct office line is (001) 212-716- 6263 and the email address

Lionel Deimel, Anglican HERO, click HERE,¨No Anglican Covenant¨

UPDATE: Dr Tony Fitchett - a member of the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion - has told New Zealand's General Synod that Section 4.2 of the Covenant:

“ ... contains provisions that are punitive, controlling, and completely un-Anglican, and reflect the movement towards centralized, Curia-like control that was rejected by the Lambeth conference… over a century ago…” HERE


Grandmère Mimi said...

Leo, you don't have to take the abuse quietly. We've already won the war, but, as in any war, the mopping up operation can be long and messy.

Blessings to you, my friend.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Grandmère Mimi, Good to see you and I hope you´re feeling full of LIFE again today. The Mopping-up operation ought be a breeze after we finally get to the ¨dawning of enlightenment¨ part of REALITY in rural Central Africa, Egypt, Iraq/Iran and Jamaica...afterall, who will want to be known as one of the pompus religious ignorant ¨haters¨ after their sideshow folds and TRUTH emerges? Nope, the zealot groupies will scurry quickly into the next place where they will be guaranteed ¨protection¨ from facing their wobbly spiritualselves´s not easy to lack TRUST in God when one is a cowardly human being who refuses to face onesown, run, run they will as fast as they can until they get to the dropping off place.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I am thoroughly enjoying my sabbatical. It's bliss at the moment.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I think we ought help these deadly dudes in robes with pectoral double-crosses face themselves by sending 3-way-fold-out, full length, dressing mirrors as gifts to Orombi, Akinola, Bul, Jensen (no, he might like it), Venables (may shatter), Duncan Pitts, Drexel Gomez, Lord York and Canterbury! Who is the fairest of them all? None of the above.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Grandmère Mimi, I´m so happy you are relaxed and letting go of all the religious stuff that seems to demand attention (as it sucks energy out of Souls)...I may try it myself, you´re always a positive source of inspiration. Good for you!

Un abrazo fuerte,