May 15, 2010

¨Mary Glasspool is a fine priest and will be a fine bishop¨ it is a VERY BIG DEAL that The Episcopal Church can say ¨YES¨ WE CAN!

Diane Jardine Bruce and Mary Douglas Glasspool were ordained and consecrated to the office of bishop

¨...So The Episcopal Church now has a lesbian-in-committed-relationship in its bishop ranks. It is a big deal and no big deal at all. It is of course a big deal. Mary Glasspool is a fine priest and will be a fine bishop and it is a big deal that the Church can say "yes," expressing both our support and our will without having to stumble about. It is of course not a big deal at all. Those of us who know her have not been surprised that she has been elected, consented to and today ordained.

So here is to Mary and Diane, and to all those who have been chosen for this peculiar and difficult ministry as bishops. May they live and prosper in their ministries and may we all be the better for it...¨ HERE

UPDATE: Los Angeles has two new bishops - with protest

¨Just following the opening words - two people started yelling and screaming against the ordination. The Presiding Bishop remained calm and offered the opportunity to speak at the appropriate time...¨ HERE


¨In a celebration reflecting the incredible cultural diversity of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles Diocese, the former Rev. Canon and now the Rt. Rev. Mary Glasspool was consecrated as Bishop Suffragan. Bishop Glasspool’s consecration marks the second time an openly gay clergy has been consecrated as bishop in the Episcopal Church. She is also the first lesbian to be so ordained.

Also consecrated as Bishop Suffragan was the Rt. Rev. Diane Jardine Bruce. The ceremony was presided by Most Rev. Katharine Schori, Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church. The event took place before a large crowd in the Long Beach Arena.¨ HERE

Poem for Mary
by Lionel E. Deimel

Mary, Mary, to some, contrary

To how the Church should grow—

Nor closeted, nor male, nor straight;

Why disrupt the status quo?

Mary, bane of Canterbury,

Whipping girl of “orthodox,”

Bishop for the forward-thinking;

For the rest, a paradox.

Mary, Mary commentary

Paints you as the Devil’s tool;

Yet, may you walk in Jesus’ path,

And honor God mid ridicule.

Let the Handwringing Begin! HERE

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