May 2, 2010

A TRIBUTE TO MY PERSONAL HEROS--Drs. Luis Felipe and Jorge Hernandez at "Vision Integral" Guatemala City, Guatemala

Dear Friends and Online Acquaintances,

Over the past six plus months I have been near blind in one eye and unable to fully focus well on anything (complete blur out of the leftie) because my natural lense needed to be removed due to prior eye surgeries for a torn retina. I was terrorfied I would go blind, felt claustrophobic, disoriented and panic striken but thanks to a very good friend who suggested (actually insisted) I go to the eye clinic ¨Vision Integral¨ in Guatemala City I immediately found the professional help I badly needed.

With the encouragement of my new Doctors I kept on ¨leading my life as usual¨ after my ¨serious¨ eye surgery that needed six months for the scar tissue to heal properly/securely. A little over a week ago, my brilliant (they are Harvard Graduates which may have even enhanced their natural healing talents, overall competence with up-to-the-minute NEW technology) my attentive Opthamologists removed the silicone from the back of my eye and replanted a new three-part lense (from Texas) to replace my missing natural lense. All went well during the surgery, and two check ups and 10 days later I can NOW see out of my left eye even though it´s still healing and gaining strength (it´s correcting to better than 20-40 already).

Dr. Jorge Hernandez, took the stitches out of my eye (painless) this past Friday. SO, six months later I feel a huge relief filled with the gratitude for being well cared for. I am grateful for the wonderful professional care I´ve received and I have additional gratitude for my many friends who drove me back and forth for surgeries and follow-up visits to our Capitol City. My special GRATITUDE is for Dr. Luis Felipe Hernandez, founder of Vison Integral and my profound thankfulness that I was encouraged to continue my "life as usual and keep painting"...albeit, with one eye and much fear that I wouldn't be able to succeed.

Please note some of the artwork that I've finished in the last six months and worked on right up to and including today. I have been blessed and I thank all of you for being here with me as I posted at my Blog (which certainly helped the fear fall away as I´ve indulged myself, and no doubt challenged your patience, by getting every thought/gripe I´ve had ¨off my chest¨...VIVA ARCHBISHOP TUTU too!).

Mil Gracias todos and thanks be to God.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED--If ANY OF YOU need/want excellent and/or well priced full service eyecare (a fraction of the cost for stateside attention and health services) contact the wonderous Spanish and English speaking Opthamologists at:

2a Avenida 9-03, Zona 9
Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America

Dr. Luis Felipe Hernandez
Dr. Jorge Hernandez
Dr. Freddy Lopez

Telephone: (from U.S. dial 011) 502 (country Code) 23342301
Fax: (011)502-2360-6742

Contact me directly if I can answer any questions for you and I'll share my first hand experience.


it's margaret said...

Oh this is such WONDERFUL NEWS! TBTG!!!!
And your art is exquisite m'dear. I am literally blown away --breath taking!

God bless you and keep on keeping on.

Ciss B said...

What a wonderful gift to receive for a second time in life! I am so very thankful that the surgery went well and that you're getting back to seeing God's gorgeous world!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulouso!! I am so happy to hear that you are well and can SEE!!

Lenny and I are so looking forward to seeing you in August!! xoxox

Niece Jen

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Alleluias and thanksgivings for your visual healing! I think about Bartimaeus, running to Jesus while still blind, and how it feels like a little bit of your story!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Ciss, Jenny (she´s my lovely niece), Margaret and K...yes, feeling really good and positive after my slightly bleak six months of overly active imagination and everyday´s amazing to me but my artwork has actually improved over recent months...must be the necessity to remain a bit more focused...I had too (which normally is a place of ¨change¨ for me). Thanks for your kind words and thoughts and thanksgiving.

Caminante said...

Demos gracias, demos gracias al Señor... qué alegria saber que puede ver otra vez.