Aug 5, 2009

THIS IS NOT A FALSE ALARM: Join the anti-Anglican Covenant campaign!

¨This is as good a place to start out anti-covenant campaign as any. But it is not the only front on which the battle should be fought. I will explain why.

The inclusive party in TEC (from now on referred to as just "TEC") have won the war. Okay, they still have a few battles to fight, some of which they'll win and some of which they'll lose. But, like the allies when they had taken the Normandy beaches, they know that, although it's going to be a slog, victory is already in the bag.

TEC's courageous and prophetic action will start a domino effect through the other, non-fundamentalist, churches of the Americas and, even, influence the grass roots of Roman Catholicism.¨ read it all at ¨Mad Priest¨ by Father Jonathan, click HERE

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Lynn said...

Leonardo, I do think that this brave (but gentle) step will bring some true changes to the "moderate" and "progressive" churches. The quieter groups will be the key, I'm sure. I just don't think they feel partnered LGBT couples should be a communion-busting issue. And let's face it: biblical literalists usually scare moderates more than gays. But the moderates won't be moving anytime soon, if for no other reason than avoiding the glare of the spotlight. And you know what? I think that's a good thing, since the real goal is to let good people (who just happen to be non-hetero) live their lives in peace, in a good and faith-filled manner.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

This is a good development. Things are begining to change!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I think we have all had a hand in helping to bring this about. And thank God it is starting to bear fruit. I know I would drop the Episcopal Church if they enter into a covenant with some of these provinces. It so too exactly what I lived through growing up Catholic. Better that we should lead with our hearts and voices that stand against fear and oppression and stupidity.

++Williams's statement about "choice of lifestyle" was just the last damn straw. No matter what else he said, these words were an invitation to others to not listen as well as an invitation to continue with their bigotry.

Not to mention "tiering the fabric of the communion."