Aug 13, 2009

+AKINOLA/+OROMBI/ALERT: Preachers of prejudice, fear and hate ought be banned from entering the United States!

Anglican Bishops Peter Akinola/Nigeria, Henri Orombi/Uganda preach/instigate prejudice against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender citizens.

To The United States Department of Homeland Security, The United States Department of State and The United States Treasury Department,

Please review the visa in passport status of Anglican Bishop Henri Orombi/Uganda and Peter Akinola/Nigeria. These priestly not-so-gentlemen have been promoting discrimination within the United States and over the past six years by defaming and instigating/preaching prejudice against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender United States Citizens and others at The Episcopal Church and beyond.*

Archbishop Akinola; "Gays Produce Hooligans" click HERE

¨Abp. Akinola and the Massacre of Yelwa¨ click HERE

¨Gays Condemn New Homophobic Anglican Sect¨ click HERE

¨Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria has backed legislation to outlaw gay churches, gay organisations, gay HIV prevention programmes and gay human rights advocacy.¨

¨Henry Orombi, the Archbishop of Uganda, excommunicated heterosexual bishop, Christopher Senyonjo, after he spoke out against the persecution of lesbian and gay Ugandans.¨

¨The anti-gay diatribes of both men help fuel of the atmosphere of homophobic hatred, discrimination and violence that exists in their countries.¨ click HERE

¨Promoters of Hate"

Michael Savage, ¨outspoken American radio presenter¨

'Shock jock' hits back at British ban

¨Smith published the list - which includes Islamist extremists, American anti-gay preachers and Russian gang members - on Tuesday, accusing those named of "stirring up hatred" and "fostering extremism or hatred".

China Daily Newsmakers
Updated 2009-05-07

An outspoken American radio presenter barred from entering Britain said yesterday he would sue the British government for defamation after his name was published on an official list of "promoters of hate".

Michael Savage (right), a so-called "shock jock" radio host who has a right-wing talk show called The Savage Nation, described British Home Secretary (interior minister) Jacqui Smith as a "lunatic" and said he had set his lawyers to work on the case.

Smith published the list - which includes Islamist extremists, American anti-gay preachers and Russian gang members - on Tuesday, accusing those named of "stirring up hatred" and "fostering extremism or hatred".

"For this lunatic Jacqui Smith ... to link me up with skinheads who are killing people in Russia, to put me in league with mass murderers who kill Jews on buses, is defamation," Savage said on his show, excerpts of which were aired on BBC radio yesterday.

"As a result of this, I am going to sue her."

Savage, who says he has between 8 and 10 million listeners across the United States, urged them to support him by canceling any travel plans to Britain and by boycotting goods made in the United Kingdom. click HERE

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Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Even the name of his show is violent. Good on Jacqui Smith for her courage. And hopefully our government will get a clue about these hate mongers and yank their visas.

Lynn said...

I'd forgotten about Akinola's "hooligan" comment, it always puzzled me where he came up with that one.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Lynn, Who knows where he came up with any of the blabbering bigshot may be that he perceives all LGBT Christians ¨abroad¨ to be irresponsible ¨swinging singles¨ or ¨addicted street people¨ because in his own words, ¨they don´t have LGBT citizens in Nigeria and don´t even have a word for it¨...besides, if they did, LGBT would be ¨lower than pigs¨...but having his ¨Anglican Church¨ do preventative and vicious anti-human rights campaigning for legislation against LGBT Anglicans/others, our families and our friends is important JUST IN CASE there ever WAS a need for it. The man is a overbloated buffoon...and his U.S. CANA enterprise reeks with doubletalk, pretending and deceit.

Lynn said...

Leonardo, you...hooligan! Watch for a note, btw.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

I think it would be more fun to let Michael Savage IN Britain, let him get ASBO'ed (busted on an anti-social behavior ordiance) and let him deal with someone else's legal system, where the American tendency to sue is sort of scoffed at. Then some other countries will snub his passport b/c he's been busted for his hateful ways, and then he'll be REALLY angry, LOL...

susan s. said...

I will be traveling to England in 2011, and so will not be boycotting England as Mr Savage 'requests.' I only wish I had the money to go there more often.