Aug 15, 2009

ATTENTION RELIGIOUS RIGHT: Are you responsible when thugs bash our heads in? Why is it you who make America hate and fear us?

¨I keep hearing all of this nonsense about us lgbts attacking people, about us using intimidation and violence to oppress people, about us somehow being ugly aggressors.¨ A. McEwen

¨...Where were you when organizations like Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, the Traditional Values Coalition, and Focus on the Family unconsciously gave reasoning for groups of roaming thugs to bash our heads in, chase us out in heavy traffic, beat us to bloody pulps with nail embedded boards, and hang us from fences on dark and lonely roads?

Matthew Shepard, R.I.P.

How is it that you can dare call us aggressive when for over 30 years, you have done everything in your power to make America hate and fear us? please read it all, click HERE

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Doorman-Priest said...

Thanks for this.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hey Brad, you thoughless selfdamaged lunatic, don´t come here with your worthless trashing of Gay are the problem in YOUR life.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Brad, got it, you´re trashing of other Christians is not welcome? Find another way of avoiding the desperation of your emotional/spiritual soul need professional help.