Jun 9, 2009

WORDS FAIL HIM: Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and his version of Russian Roulette/Religious Pretend*

Incompetent/lacking capability: inadequate, incapable, unfit. Totally incapable of doing a job: See ability/inability. read it all, click HERE

Do you hear the whiz of these descriptive words flying by your very own ears, thoughts and deepest spiritual and personal disciplines and convictions? If so, that´s good, because you´re in touch with the STARK REALITY and sad and unfortunate lack of leadership at The Anglican Communion...you, like me, are well past the playing of the more dangerous daily, costly, demoralizing games of DR ROWAN WILLIAMS version of RUSSIAN ROULETTE and RELIGIOUS PRETEND!

·What ¨witch hunt¨ in UGANDA?

·What rampant corruption amongst the NIGERIAN clergy?

·What +Orombi decries ¨evil imported Gays¨ in UGANDA?

·What hate crime murder in LIVERPOOL during The Lambeth Conference?

·What hate crime murders in JAMAICA?

·What new anti-human rights legislation in NIGERIA?

·What provincial ¨boundry crossings/attempted theft¨?

·What CANA/NIGERIAN failed property grab at Grace and St. Stephens?

·What California Supreme Court decision for the Diocese of LOS ANGELES?

·What human/child sacrifices in UGANDA?

·What massacre at Yelwa in NIGERIA?

·What ¨Hooligan children of LGBT parents¨ +Akinola NIGERIAN smear?

·What ¨Gay Activists and Gay Practitioners are devils agents¨ in UGANDA?

·What ¨Homosexuality in Uganda is antihuman?¨

·What *other* Gay Bishops?

What to do, oh, what to do? Maybe pretending will make it all go away? Everything is fine? Stiff upper lip and all that!


No need to worry, only the LGBT Anglicans/others in Africa and Middle East are being murdered daily (well, there was that little overlooked matter of the rampant murderous crimes of hate being committed in Jamaica, Western Hemisphere...best not mentioned at the May, 2009 ACC Meeting at Kingston...it would have been impolite, heaven forbid) and, ofcourse, there is the run-away and deep rooted political/cultural corruption in many third world Provinces. The raping and human exploitation and that tiresome sex slavery dealing. Oh my, what a challenge, facing REAL issues regarding REALLY immoral behavior and all of those individual personal character basics (defects of character that can be put into play by heterosexual and homosexual Anglicans everywhere)...daunting?


·What Ten Commandments?

¨+Drexel and Dr. Raider, er, Dr. Ephraim Radner have got the perfect Anglican Covenant for you!¨ Sign up now, avoid the BUMS RUSH! ¨The End is NEAR¨ +D.Gomez ¨The Sky is Falling¨ +C. Little

For years the Archbishop of Canterbury has been ignoring some of the more despicable anti-human discriminating acts launched upon confused and innocent Churchgoers by Gafconish Bishops and their slippery accomplices at various Provinces of The Anglican Communion. Deceitfilled, and SECRET, actions which have resulted in the tormenting, outcasting, jailing, brutalizing, demonizing, marginalizing and the general persecution and slandering of LGBT Anglicans, our families, our friends and unsuspecting others. In addition, ++Rowan, with his apparent lack of emphasis and/or outright denial of things truly dishonest and vile , presents a dithering and shameful leadership example...lackluster support for INCLUDING ALL ANGLICANS AT ALL LEVELS OF CHURCHLIFE (you know, ¨callings¨) when attending important ¨Instruments of Unity¨ meetings throughout The Anglican Communion.

Archbishop Rowan and other timid/cowardly and dodgy footdragging clerics have delivered, unto us, irresponsible moral leadership, slothful discerning, inappropriate ¨suggesting¨ while simultaneously being in DENIAL regarding the many negative and even sometimes deadly behavior(s)within The Anglican Communion...behavior that directly harms others at Church. Behavior that directly harms The Anglican Communion and OUR relationships with OUR brothers and sisters in the WORLD beyond Lambeth Palace forgetting.

Don´t look away.

The depth of ++Rowans denial and inadequacy, yet save ONE effort to castigate, as ¨First Amongst Equals¨, is his mission/intent to PUNISH THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH and TEC OPENLY GAY BISHOP, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Most likely ++Williams will underscore his snide and resentfilled ¨case¨ against prematurely (before his retirement) ¨out¨ Gay Bishops at the upcoming General Convention of The Episcopal Church at Anaheim, California. Perhaps he will once again make his case for the ¨fasting and crucified place participation¨ of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Episcopalians with ++KJS and deliver another stern WARNING of foreboding for LGBT participation at all levels of Churchlife (The ABC still doesn´t want to upset the slandering despotic bishops who demonize and harm other Anglicans at The Anglican Communion) to the gathered Deputies and Bishops.

Such is some of the important measure of Archbishop Rowans wasted talent and fine intellect as our lost passion for basic and decent spiritual leadership/friendship and fellowship during the ++Rowan ministry term at The Body of Christ...as Anglican Communion inter-relationships fade into the Sunset of Anglican Communion History, we can always hope and pray for a more responsible, accountable, approriate and ¨engaged¨ response from ++Rowan before the finale.

*Lacking capability: inadequate, incapable, unequal, unfit.

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Lynn said...

Perhaps Cantuar is still just...listening?

Doorman-Priest said...

Who to? He really does seem to have lost the plot.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Naw, the ABC is busyily writing his ¨you shouldn´t have done it¨ and ¨don´t do it again¨ speech for his the Episcopal Church General Covention address (yes, he finally has arrived at the scene of the aledged crime)...now, let´s see how clever he can be about issuing a direct threat while warping it into Anglican Communion *concern* and prudent self-crucifying (as the ACNA hatchetfaced fear/hate-mongers create more destruction from within as he speaks)...all in the name of selectively HATING LGBT Scripturally (quite a trick)!

++Rowan really ought discuss/encourage the many pleasures to be gained by taking ¨The Mad Teacup¨ ride accross the street at Disneyland...great for cloged up dilemmas and slow motion circulation.