Jun 26, 2009

NIGERIA/AKINOLA ALERT: ¨The most casual of gestures could be a death sentence...¨

¨Today, 26 June, a report from the LGBT African Coalition says that three homosexuals were arrested by the Edo State police command in Benin City, Nigeria. They were paraded like common criminals and displayed on television. The command Public Relations officer has said they would be charged to court as homosexuality is a criminal offence in Nigeria.¨ read it all By Colin Coward+, Director at Changing Attitude, United Kingdom, click HERE

¨Few Nigerian LGBT activists are free to speak out in a country which already has repressive anti-gay legislation on the statute book.¨ Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude, Nigeria

¨The report does not say that the three men were engaged in homosexual activity. Being homosexual is enough to be arrested as a criminal in Nigeria. Davis Mac-Iyalla, Director of Changing Attitude Nigeria has asked the group in Benin City, Edo State to investigate and find out how we support can be given to their fellow brothers. The Coalition calls on all human rights activists everywhere to speak up against this injustice.¨ Colin Coward+, Director Changing Atitude U.K., click HERE

Nigerian Anglican Archbishop Peter Jasper Akinola and accomplices pontificate that Gay people are ¨lower than PIGS¨ and ¨the children of LGBT people are HOOLIGANS¨ and he and his House of Bishops ·CANA/NIGERIA· endorse ¨brutal penalties¨ against anyone ¨advocating¨ for lesbian and gay people.

¨Gay Christians in Nigeria are urging international action against a new repressive law which is being backed by the Anglican church in the country.

The proposed law, that would impose brutal penalties on shows of affection between lesbian and gay people, or even on those who would advocate for lesbian and gay people, has already been condemned by more than 250 Christian leaders from the US, as well as the church in Canada and Christian in the UK. However, the Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria is giving it his support.¨ read it all, click HERE

Anglican Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, Bishop of Asaba and Archbishop of Bendel, Nigeria
thinks preaches ¨...rapid changes that are in direct contradiction to the tenets of Christianity. Especially the global emergence of fast lane theologians and revisionists who deny the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, mass fraud, embezzlement of public fund by those in government, homosexuality, lesbianism and the wanton destruction of lives and property.¨

·Conservative Christians want to use Nigeria as an example to other African countries to demonstrate that anti-gay legislation can be passed which criminalizes all affection and activity between LGBT people· Ekklesia

¨When will the blame go to repressive, illogical and arrogant inhuman policies?¨

¨...and the sexual code between blacks and whites in America has similar roots in the anti gay codes too.

Black sexuality (especially that of black males) raised the same violent and visceral responses in white males that gay males do in straight folks:

Don’t speak,
don’t touch, look away…

One couldn’t know how a person was going to react to the most casual of gestures.

It could be a death sentence…

In enacting these laws, Africa is throwing it’s weight at a group of people without the political or social clout to fight it. Gays and lesbians have to depend on the whims of straight people, who are taught to hate them...

I find this bears witness to the writer’s of history. All men, all presumably heterosexual…For that reason alone, I find all this religious instruction and dictation highly suspect, because the SAME groups of people end up being outlaws because of it. Women and gay people…

Always punished, suppressed and regarded as dispensible and unworthy of freedom or self determination. Always women, and gay people the most abused and oppressed in the world. In Africa, there are far more pressing problems…most of which have been CAUSED by this same suppression.

When all else fails, systems of government, educational access, health and safety, workable and creative ideas…

blame the gays.

Blame the Jews.

Blame women.


When will the blame go to repressive, illogical and arrogant inhuman policies? A commentary by Regan DuCasse, read it all, click HERE

Gay Christians in Nigeria CNN's Christian Purefoy reports on a gay church in Nigeria defying prejudice and harrassment, Video link below

Gay Church in Nigeria defies prejudice and harrassment, click HERE

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