Jun 23, 2009

UPDATED DAILY/ROUNDHEAD ALERT: The North American anglicanlike ACNA gather to fortify & glorify prejudice and HATE at Bedford, Texas

Bob Duncan and the ¨Chapman Memo¨ HERE

TEC deposed Bishop of Pittsburgh, Bob Duncan, but he now preaches ¨difference¨ in Texas at the inauguration of the ACNA which is NOT part of the worldwide Anglican Communion or recognized by the Archbishops of Canterbury or York nor the Anglican Consultative Council as a authentic ¨Anglican¨ Church or Anglican Church Province.


Breaking Bigots and Blowhards: There you have it! After years of conniving (IRD) HERE , plotting (Chapman Memo) for TEC Properties and financial resources HERE, angling Anglicans(Primates Meetings) HERE, spewing ¨Hooligan Children¨/¨Evil Imported Homosexuals¨ HERE, lieing (as needed) HERE , deceiving and crying victimhood (poor and garishly overly-brocaded dears), these, tiresome-grim, sorry/bitter old men HERE and their clutching grandstanding accomplices and not-so-secret financial backers HERE, have finally managed to declare themselves another faux Anglican cluster of ¨continuing¨ congregations HERE,...a cluster, of unassociated/not in Communion with the REAL Anglican Communion international Provinces...They believe their group of GAFCON Communion signers are made up of squeaky clean puritans, and Anglo Catholics (the kind that play pretend really well), who are MORE MORALLY CORRECT than those of us at the body of Christ...fortunately, their purity pogrom is not authentic, in deed or spirit, this is a group of everyday haters in pointy hats, accompanied by rabid and sometimes greedy excluders, NOW they are grouped together for all to see.


Ironically, this reformed, further reformed, and most of all, most REFORMED more reformed butt-covering gang of diluted pontificators are under the illusion they are spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ while selectively abusing/twisting the Scriptures and by demonizing, demoralizing and excluding LGBT Christians and often Heterosexual Women and Children HERE at all levels of Churchlife.

How can this be? What happened to their personal integrity amongst the clergy at ACNA?

Deposed Bob Duncan and pals/accomplices pose in Texas at the inauguration of the ACNA...Amongst the self-proclaimed extra Holy is holy padre Schofield, left of center, a vision, and illusion, in PAPAL pure white...he is also the deposed bishop of TEC diocese of San Joaquin!

These men, most whom had been ¨called¨ to ministry, and agreed/swore oaths and vows to serve The Episcopal Church and The Anglican Church of Canada and her people with peace and love and devoted LOYALITY decided instead to participate in a hatefilled campaign of sedition against the voice of The General Convention and The Anglican Canadian Church instead. The voice of The General Convention and the voice of the Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, are the authoritive voices, that reflect the high standard of Christian fellowship that WELCOMES EVERYONE at Church and into all levels of Churchlife.

Some of these ¨holy men¨ are VOW BREAKERS. Their ¨WORD¨ and ¨WORD OF HONOR¨ mean little to nothing to them as they ¨BURN OTHERS¨ when SELF-IMAGINED PURITY or poaching on TEC/Anglican Church of Canada REAL property is at stake!

I am happy the renegades are leaving as they continue to harm others at The Episcopal Church and The Anglican Church of Canada...they seem to enjoy their abusive ministries and the trouble they generate throughout the wider Church and as they instigate ¨witch hunts¨ and dangerous ¨demonizing¨ which boldly taints/condemns other Anglican Communion members, our families and our friends with words such as ¨evil¨ and ¨criminal¨ and ¨lower than pigs¨ directed at us.

Leave us now gentlemen, perhaps one day, you´ll find your way home and you´ll find self-accountability for your malicious action of destructiveness...we will be here ¨with the door open and the light on¨ doing the best we can to love our neighbors, all of OUR neighbors, even those who continue to attempt to harm us... people like some of YOU (who come here lurking, I have a meter).

ACNA numbers already plummeting?" read it all, at The Episcopal Cafe, click HERE


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The Network's Imaginary Congregations
From Christianity Today:¨ read it all, at the archives of Fr. Jake´s Blog, click HERE


¨Duplicity, thy name is ACNA¨

¨...An organization founded on deceit cannot endure. To accomplish their egotistical goals, they have lied to everyone about nearly everything.

Even if the various groups do not turn to cannibalism, the dishonesty will drive people away. There is a limit to how much dishonesty one can tolerate. There is a limit to how much abuse one will endure from leadership. The laity will leave, sooner or later, for other pastures.

But, they won't take the property with them!¨ read it all, from James at The Three Legged Stool, click HERE

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Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--The ANGLING Primates. Laughing. That is so choice.

I am praying for all of the people who are blind or just so teminally stupid and believe that God really wants them to act this way and/or needs them to defend him by abusing his creation.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Bonnie, love seeing you...thanks for the ¨Angling¨ Anglicans (I´m certain we will get some nice mileage out that thanks to you)! These old geezers actually think they are important and holy! Egads! Such is the advanced nature of the spiritual sickness...almost, only almost, beyond repair!

Lynn said...

The fundi-cons and their math skills...still crazy after all these years.

By far my favorite is the claim that about 70% of Anglicans support ACNA. Let's send a research group from Pew into some of the provinces controlled by GAFCON/FOCA types...see if ACNA has much name recognition. Methinks the average parishioner has other things to worry about, such as food on the table and avoiding sniper fire. Lest I seem snobby - I wish the reverse were true. But that won't happen until their leaders worry less about TEC and more about their flocks.

David G. said...

I'm so disgusted with all the bullshit going on,...You won't see me much on the web,..I'm hiding in Casino Sites,..it's a good insulator.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

David, hiding won´t do it, hiding won´t stop the frustration and emotional pain...how I have tried, but I found saying exactly what is on my mind is far more healthgiving than playing pretend or escaping into my earlier problem with active alcoholism...sober is where it´s at for me but it comes with the price of facing reality as it really IS and not as reshape it into being.

So, here I am. 30+ years later and filled with passion against injustice, prejudice and discrimination...the very things I tried to avoid thinking too much about as I diverted my attention elsewhere for 17 years.

Doorman-Priest said...

Bonnie: it is terminally stupid. Wilfully so.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--"(poor and garishly overly-brocaded dears),". Laughing.

That puts it very nicely. I am sure that for most of us we find the image of God in his creation and not in the "overly-brocaded dears" and wonder if they, like Madonna, travel with a dresser, make-artist & etc. to keep up their image, such as it is.

About the best I am able to manage right now is the Wednesday morning service and I want you to know that you all are held up in my prayers.

Brian--I consider your comment and there are some among them that I pray their terminal stupidity is not "wilfully so." But...

A few friends who stayed with the Armstrong faction called or sent cards when my husband died and I talked with some of them. They are still, even after a 20 count indictment was handed down against this man, protesting his innocence. So, I probably realistically have to accept the fact that they are being terminally, wilfully stupid. Sigh.

Bonnie said...

Hi Doorman Priest. SORRY. I don't know why I was thinking of Brian. That comment was in response to your comment.

Time for a nap.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Bonnie, Brian comes here too but we have to wait for his little light to go on down under (I have a world map at my sitemeter that tells me when Brian and others are awake and we are sleeping so our hemisphere goes dark...it´s so exciting knowing who´s who and what´s what...or not).

I think some folks don´t WANT to know TRUTH! After being deceived for a very long time (and making excuses and listening to sort of believable excuses from a man in tall pointy hat with a English accents) good/sharp conscience becomes wallpaper...all the criminal acts and all the denial is so overwhelming automatic pilot sets in (of course the Air France accident comes to mind).

Ta ta! Gotta go look at the mapo and see if Brians awake.

Fred Schwartz said...

Keep up the good work, Leonardo!

Lynn said...

So, here I am. 30+ years later..."

Preach it, Brother Leonardo. I'm proud to be a fellow member of the choir.