Apr 10, 2014

ATTENTION JUSTIN WELBY, ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY: Being loathed and made into an outcast is NOT addictive!

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, just gave another one of his shallow/beige speeches. This one in  Oklahoma City. I watched the ¨live streaming¨ from here in Central America...he thinks violence is addictive...cute, apparently he hasn't been on the receiving end enough (unless he is a masochist and likes that sort of thing).

Being loathed  and made to be an outcast is NOT addictive. Being misled, at church/beyond is not addictive. Being LGBTI Anglican/Episcopalian ignored, like a pest or insect not yet dead, is not addictive. HOWEVER, being the authentic person that God created one to be IS addictive. Addictive in the way that God wants me, and I think people like me, to be.  Honest. true and front-and-forward and building in/on life.

Being RESPONSIBLE, personally responsible, includes being real, telling the truth and not indulging in a glib world of PRETENDING *things* are different than they are (and apparently NOT worth mentioning during the current anti-gay, legal social purge/massacres in Africa/beyond). 

The ABC is silly, casual and shallow regarding VIOLENCE.  Especially careless when not mentioning those who daily generate hate with NEWLY legalized, African Anglican Church endorsed, pogroms against LGBTI Anglicans in Africa. Those in African/beyond taking pot/gun shots, exploitating, slandering, demeaning, violating=violence/marginalizing others are clearly addicted  to hate...for those religiouslike grandstanders now have nowhere to hide from their very own fear/hate that they initiate at Church. This spiritualy ILL behavior toward our fellows must be addressed..Justin Welby, are you there?   

The LET'S BLAME and slander the gay game is UP! You know what you do...and it is YOU  who refuses to address the reality of  anti-LGBTI violence, OF TODAY, at The Anglican Communion...codependency is lethal at church or anywhere else (for everyone, eventually).

Justin Welby, ABC, may have stood next to piles of rape/other vicitms with his wife as  he reported today. BUT I believe he needs to spend the rest of his term as ABC visiting hospitals, attack sites, hate-crime-victim-graves, helpcenters, answer suicide hotlines, raise funds for the Trever Project.  ++Justin can live with the rehab programs of LGBTI Christians/others and/or simply OPEN a LGBTI counseling/center/office/half-way house  (you can intern with Bishop Christopher Ssenyonjo), in downtown Kampala, Uganda. 

++Justin, please STAY in Nigeria and Uganda until you fully understand the depth of the grave atrocities being committed against ALL of humanity and at the ANGLICAN COMMUNION!!  You, ++Justin, speak withouth knowing the REAL, and lifetimes worth/History of Horrors http://frjakestopstheworld.blogspot.com/2005/10/history-of-horrors.html  and depth of injury that violence has caused against LGBTI Anglicans.  You ought learn much much more before speaking out against violence and addictive hating. You are part of the problem, speak up like a man instead of one of the Global South  big shot criminals you encourage at Church.

You, Justin Welby, are dangerous to the physical well-being and general spiritual/emotional wellness of Gay people, our families, our best friends and everyday work associates.  You make OUR lives more difficult and dangerous with your lofty and empty pontificating about reconciliation.  I believe you to be a pretentious religiouslike overly insulated coward, prove me wrong (or resign).

Leonardo Ricardo
Leonard Clark Beardsley
Sacatepequez, Guatemala

Thanks to the Episcopal Church diocese of Oklahoma, live streaming
Thanks to Stop the World, archive
Thanks to Father Jake, History of Horrors


Grandmère Mimi said...

Spot on, Len. When will Justin ever learn? I'm thinking not throughout his term as ABC. His thinking seems to be settled. I suppose I should, as a Christian, have more hope for change, but I don't. He seems really stuck.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Greetings June, thank you for commenting. Today I have gone way beyond having MUCH respect for Justin Welby. I have a lingering interest in the Church of England because my family came from there (and we have so many wonderful Anglican friends in the U.K.). I don't care about him and I think he is being used by fundies or is just as nasty and fear/hate driven on LGBTI Christians/others in his heart. He is a coward and dangerous and he doesn't even seem to know it...Archbsihop Magoo (another one).