Apr 30, 2014

ATTN ARCHBISHOP JUSTIN WELBY, DESPOTIC POLITICAL LEADERS and THOSE WHO DEMONIZE OTHERS AT CHURCH: ¨The common enemy today, defined as the ‘Western corruption' are LGBTQ people and ‘gay rights’

'Homophobia is part of a wider xenophobia which is cultivated by these ‘governments’. Most of these countries are ruled by despots. Xenophobia is essential to the maintenance of the status quo. Isolationism facilitates the need to keep the populace ignorant and resistant to outside influences. With knowledge comes power, and people power is inversely proportional to dictator power. So, certain people and ideas are deemed to be alien to the culture; indeed, to be a threat to the culture. Lies, fear, suspicion are fostered. No one questions what exactly the ‘culture’ of the country is that is under threat. It is sufficient for a common enemy to be identified.

Primarily that enemy is defined as ‘Western corruption’. This is appealing because the richer countries of the West do indeed have a sorry history of exploiting the developing world and riding roughshod over traditions and rights. Thus, even the more educated sections of the population can quite readily be attuned to categorising everything Western as somehow corrupt and threatening their welfare. It is essential to the despotic government that the population reject any advancement of their knowledge and understanding of the world. So, the Western threat is condemned as absolutely corrupt, to be resisted at all costs. It is a calculated move to prevent change, progress, awareness and everything that threatens the leaders’ hold on power. In countries where there are ingrained frictions, tribal, sects, class, historical disputes, past genocides, pogroms, etc it is important for dictators to identify a common enemy to unite the factions. This is true of countries on the African continent, North Korea, Putin’s Russia.

The common enemy today, defined as the ‘Western corruption' are LGBTQ people and ‘gay rights’. They fulfil the criteria perfectly: individuals that can be identified and discriminated against with impunity. They do not belong to any particular group or party, they are have no legal protections, and the general population is encouraged to unite against this insidious common foe. An easy target. So we are witnessing the same forces at work that produced the holocaust in Germany. Except this century, on the African continent, Russia and elsewhere, the victims are LGBTQ people. This is not primarily a religious problem, but it is exacerbated by the fact that religious groups especially Christian ones, could actually make a positive difference for good if they stood up for the teachings they claim to hold sacrosanct. Christians are condemned by both their active complicity in the new Holocaust and by their silence in the face of such gross cruelty and inhumanity.'


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