Mar 18, 2014

THE REV. CANON MARK HARRIS: ¨On Fear and Stupidity in Anglican land¨ and/or ¨Keep the doors of welcome open and the powder dry¨

On Fear and Stupidity in Anglican land.

The past weeks in Anglican - Episcopal Land have been a shambles, not the least because there is massive amounts of fear and stupidity abounding -  and that's my opinion as expressed in my nicer moments.

Fortunately few people seem to care what I think.

Here it some of the mess:

Nashotah House, a Seminary of great historical and current value, issued an invitation to the Presiding Bishop to come to the House. Nashotah House draws its students from a range of churches most of which are self described as Anglican churches. Only a fraction of the students are from The Episcopal Church now, but historically the House was distinctly Episcopalian. 

I had always wanted to visit Nashotah House, and finally did so some years ago. I found the House to be a lively center of theological education and loved the liturgical practice of the place. At one time I considered going there for my theological training, but that was then and this is now.

The craziness of these days has caught up with the place. The invitation to the Presiding Bishop was widely criticized by some on the righteous right as pandering to heresy and therefore sinful.The PB has accepted the invitation to Nashotah House.  

Apparently deposed but not forgotten Bishop Iker believes Bishop Jefferts Shori is such poison that her very presence at Nashotah House puts its purity in jeopardy. This says less about his opinion of the PB and more about his opinion of the House. He seems more afraid than protective. At any rate, he put himself on the line and resigned from the Nashotah House board. So there...¨ there is much more, please read it all

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