Dec 27, 2012

ONE TIRESOME/OUTSPOKEN/GRANDSTANDING MOUTH-RUNNETH-OVER DUDE: CNN CANCEL Piers Morgan, but keep the prime-time show (maybe hosted by John Avlon/Suze Orman or someone clever, warm and nifty)

Piers Morgan really ought be on Fox News and not CNN (I´ll never have to watch him again)
ATTENTION CNN INTERNATIONAL:  Dump Piers Morgan, por favor! (nothing to do with guns, pro or con)

My own ¨turn off the running mouth of Piers Morgans prime time spiget¨ campaign  has been being waged for months (seems like a lifetime).  I live in Central America and watch cable T.V.   Most of the programming is in Spanish so I treasure my prime time evenings watching CNN International in English (Fox News is also available but although I have a strong stomach, I have NO stomach at all for the junktalk and lies they churn out).  Therefore,  here I sit at the foot of the volcano absolutely thrilled to have all the notable CNN International hosts visit my home...that is, until the Piers Morgan show kicks in.  Then, I run to my computer afterward and write hate mail.

Never did I write to CNN before this past year.  I always was a contented viewer and I absolutely appreciate the great, and in depth, coverage that CNN International/team brings to me from around the World...better than BBC or any other International News service in my opinion.  But, alas, I HAVE to do something when night after night I've been subjected to the grandstanding, outspoken, ill-mannered, tiresome, and just plain full-of-himself (why?) British person named Piers Morgan as he smothers his guests with HIS opinions on everything.  I started writing letters to CNN.  I started complaining about Piers Morgan, not his guests, to CNN.  I stressed that everynight I've watched this puffed-up fellow overtalk, outshout, spew his personal opinion over the guests that he interviews I sicken.  I tire. I squirm. I search better programming from Venezuela or Mexico.  His non-interviewed guests,  all of which, or, mostly of which, have good reason for being his guests as they are notable somebodies in everyday life -- important anybodies, UNLIKE Piers Morgan, and/or are  regular people with important personal stories to share just sit there!  Good luck being heard!

Piers Morgan is oppressive and apparently loves to hear the sound of his own voice.  Interviews are usually done with two people participating.  The interviewer asks sharp and to the point questions but really, specifically, is interested in the VOICE and opinion of the guests.  Not Piers Morgan.  Piers Morgan uses guests as a opportunity to hear what HE has to say!  He attempts to show us, the audience, how much HE KNOWS (about most any subject) and uses his guest as a foil/opportunity or background topics for his own grandstanding.  Tiresome lot.  Egodriven fool.  Where is the hook? 

Piers Morgan is an ex-employee of Rupert Murdoch (he strokes Ruperts ego regularly on OUR prime time).  I think CNN ought let Piers Morgan go back to Rupert Murdochs collection/land of doubletalking not-so-reality shows or ¨weighted¨ newpapers.  No doubt Piers-a-plenty will find a better opportunity at News Corp or elsewhere than at CNN International where sanity prevails and viewers really DO want to hear what the interviewed have to say!  Piers must go, but, as you can see, it's not just me (it appears that even the BRITISH don't want Piers Morgan back)!

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A little reply from CNN:

¨Your comments will be part of tomorrow's viewer response report, which is made available to our news division and senior management...