Aug 29, 2010

ACCOMPLICES: Are Archbishop Henry Orombi/Uganda and cohorts associated by wrongdoing at The Anglican Communion? You decide.

Archbishop Henry Orombi ¨following in the very un Christ like traditions of Christianity.¨ HERE

¨The meeting of African Bishops in Entebbe, Uganda has not surprisingly, been used to reaffirm the church’s homophobic stance. The bishops spoke about “African Values” and “alien beliefs HERE


¨Ethics and Morals¨ Minister/Uganda,Nsaba Buturo demands Parliment act immediately against the ¨imported¨ homosexual perversions.

James Nasba ¨Burn Baby Burn¨ Buturo HERE


¨From pulpits, that seem holy, despite the words of hate and venom pouring out of the mouths of the preachers...¨

¨Porno Preacher¨ Martin Ssempa¨ HERE


David Bahati’s Plan for Genocide

MP David “to kill every last gay person” Bahati, Uganda HERE


Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

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