Sep 6, 2009

A NIGHT FILLED WITH STARS (of the twinkling Earthly variety)!

Our friend Jennifer from San Francisco and Central America is modeling one of the two evening dresses from the Pistachio Holiday Collection she ¨collected¨ last night. This one a black on black embroidery covered strapless top with a full length double layer transparent flowing chiffon, the underlayer soft black opaque blend (an enthusiastic and loving knock-your-socks-off giftie from husband John)

Dear Friends of The Open Window Foundation of San Miguel, Sacatapequez, Guatemala, Central America,

Last evening in my Sala/Gallery we celebrated The Open Windows Foundation HERE library and learning centers great growth and success these past years with a
special tribute and exciting dinner party!

Among those present were Director, Teresa Quinoñez, members of the Guatemalan Board of Directors and volunteers who welcomed many patrons, library supporters and old/new friends to the festivities.

Ken Wood, of Washington D.C. and Santiago, Atitlan, introduced the Holiday Line of ¨Pistachio¨ apparel and it was a huge success.

As many know, Ken and his talented design partner Orlando, have created a high quality line of wearable exotic fashions which combine ¨handwoven¨ and ¨mill¨ fabrics in coordination with indigenous weavers and regional embroidery expertise...truly a updated and glamorous styling extravaganza engineered from first quality materials into Jackets, Vests, Blazers, Eveningwear, Patiowear and ¨At Home¨ casualwear. 25% of all sales were donated directly to the Open Windows Foundation...dozens of original pieces of inspired wearable art were sold and ordered for custom fit and later delivery.

It was a great evening, thanks to all!


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Sounds like you had a marvelous gala! Woo hoo!

motheramelia said...

It does sound like a wonderful time and for a great cause, too. Do you have more photos of what sounds like great fashion pieces?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Motheramerlia and K (for Koolist),

I´ll add a couple more pictures of the styles...unfortunately, last night many pictures were taken that I don´t have.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--WOW! Lusting after the garments--they are beautiful. Love the fabrics.

Any pics of the dashing eye patch?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨Any pics of the dashing eye patch?¨ Bonnie

The party was a smash hit and I had a wonderful time, albeit exhausting as the last guest left at 11:30 and we drove the cook home because it was so late...yes, I have a picture of the eyepatch in use but I hated it (a turkey neck appeared from my recent weight loss) and I´ve yet to deal with my vanity issues (plump didn´t bother me as much as turkey neck)...maybe a close up of the eye patch soon as Juan Carlos presented me with a black leather one for the fiesta...everyone said it was flattering...¨Hook¨ is my new nickname!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Yes, gravity does take over and I just hate that too. But, we can't see the turkey neck and love you for your sterling wit, intelligence and charm. And if there are any out there who disagree with my assessment here, may they be cast into fashion hell and be damned. No Stanley Tuchies (sp?) for them.

motheramelia said...

Love the additional photos. I especially covet that last jacket.

Anonymous said...

A truly wonderful collection posted by a wonderful man!

Fred Schwartz said...

By the looks of things your eyesight is now 20/20. ;-}

Lynn said...

Thanks for the party pics - I'm lusting after the black-on-black top, so simple and lovely.

And this slighty (ahem) vain bird reminds you: fast weight loss is dehydrating and traumatic to the body. You'll look better soon.

Grandmère Mimi said...

My goodness, Leo! The fashions are gorgeous. I lust after the ensemble in the middle photo. It's suitable for the young and for "une femme d'un certain âge".