Sep 28, 2009

ATTENTION Dr Nazir-Ali: "stop talking rubbish"

John Barrowman:¨Dr Michael Nazir-Ali teaches bigotry

Dr Who actor John Barrowman has said that the Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester, who called on gay people to "repent and be changed" will actually drive even more people away from churches.

Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester

The bishop's views, published in the Sunday Telegraph, sparked outrage from gay campaigners. Peter Tatchell called on him to "repent his homophobia".

Barrowman, who has also starred in Torchwood, said Dr Nazir-Ali should "stop talking rubbish."

He said: "From a gay man, weren't the actions of Jesus Christ supposed to be about compassion and love and understanding? And here you have a man who is supposed to be teaching that and he is teaching bigotry.¨

"I think more gay men would go to church if the teachers weren't as bigoted as they are.¨ read it all, click HERE

The Torchwood star, John Barrowman, had a civil ceremony with his partner of 16 years Scott Gill in Cardiff in September, 2006. read it all, click HERE

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Anonymous said...

It's about time somebody stood up to Nazi-Ali. Good for John Barrowman

Brian R said...

I am a great fan of John Barrowman due to his looks, singing and acting ability. It is great to learn more about him which I can admire. Thanks.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Me too...

I´ve always liked John Barrowman and he´s got a certain REALNESS that comes through so deeply well when he acts/sings...I think he hit the nail on the head with the ¨rubbish¨´s about time we just got down to speaking frankly about the endless nonsense from the purist freaks that make a name for themselves on the fear and hate they generate towards LGBT people...common conartist/thug comes to mind...the bishop ain´t no exception and ought go preach in Pakistan (his native land) and covert all them heathens.

Bonnie said...

Yikes! Nazgul-Ali looks like some alien that got through the space time rift.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I first saw Nazgul-Ali live on Fanglican T.V...well, sort of ¨live¨ from the holy Gafconning meeting in the Middle East...go to Fanglican and watch him do his posing and spewing...he really went to the wrong school for poisemenship, he´s a real fruitcake who does lots of heavy (looking) thinking before he says profound stuff like ¨it´s wrong, that´s why!

What a guy. It seems to me all the zealots get exactly the quality of leadership they deserve...everything from Duncan Pitts y Jackleo and John David Showfield to Martyn Minns, Canon Smudgeon, nasty ¨massacre¨ Petey, stickyfingered Henri and the rest of the flipped out snarly crowd...who really do us a favor by saving us from THEM!

Tim said...

All it takes is one sincere light, like Barrowman's, to illuminate the dark shadows around religious bigotry. I salute his bravery and, impossible as I thought it was, like him all the more!

And Leonardo, your light shines with equal brilliance as always. I've been gone from here far too long.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Tim,
That´s exactly how I was moved by Barrowman´s directness...clean, uncluttered and most of all SANE! I´ve spent so much time reading the excluders over the past years that I almost got lost in simple truth! How could I? God wanted me to be the exact person that I am (I almost killed myself trying to avoid being me)...hark, those are the facts, being responsible to God is a inside job the rest is all chatter and it wouldn´t matter if I were a celibate monk or the Archbishop of Canterbury we´re on a level playing field. If I´m to be the authentic person God wants me to be then I must be prepared to say NO to injustice, demonizing, and the demoralization and exploitation of my fellow human beings, straight or not, ready or not, no more playing PRETEND or ¨passing¨ for something less than I was graced to be.

Happy Michaelmas TIM!

Grandmère Mimi said...

That's telling the old boy, John.

How can Nazir-Ali think that he is preaching the Gospel?

John is soooo good looking.

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

And you tell me the guy is talented also?

Not fair, I tell you.

Lynn said...

Well done. And BTW, when did Dr. Who become such a good looking character? I haven't watched for years :-)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

He is REALLY my little sacred video collection I have him as one of the four stars in a Sondheim Special, also have DeLovely and he´s quite something in it too...sings like a champ, great actor, male lead too...holy moley, and to think that he has a male partner (not so odd afterall).