Jun 8, 2014

LEONARDO RICARDO - THINKING/BEING: Portraying colorful thoughts and developing NEW artistic concepts for apparel, home and accessories (at the foot of the Fuego volcano)!

Leonard Clark Beardsley

I've known since art school that multi-colors are harder to work with than monochromatics...yet, I always lusted for blasts of color as I never liked subtlety or anything that seems understated or ¨safe¨....my colors like to be noticed (and appreciated)!

I realized during my fashion buying career in department stores that quite often the seasonal ¨fashion colors¨ (like the strong pinks, greens and oranges we have been seeing) sold well but didn't approach anything like the consistant volumn of basics in basic/mono colors (white, beige, navy for Summer, black, brown, wine mostly for Fall and GLITZ (usually on black, gold, bronze or silver) at Holiday and a sprinkle of classic Spectator¨ (navy/red/camel on white) for Spring 1-2/Cruise..

,,.not much has changed, not really (a little gray crept in as a basic, light gray into Summer and dark gray into Fall) but I always invision my multi-colors one day to become fabric prints...either Decorative for furniture coverings/draperies or Fashion for stunning new apparel (also stationery prints too or printed leathers/urethanes for handbags/slg).

I want to connect with someone, or a fine firm, who wants freshness and newness and variations of stong color in their ¨line/collection of couture or ready to wear or Softlines (sheets, towels, table linens) or Hardlines (table top, cookery, or pictured above, lamp bases) in Home Furnishings are sensational! 

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Who are you? Where are you? I am READY to be REDISCOVERED and to work with you and do all-new color collections on all new products... (I am fully experienced in Retail/Wholesale and Product Development too and travel is no problem)! 



502 countrycode 56568295

Come visit, let´s talk, I am ready to work making/correcting samples and/or doing finished art for any classification of merchandise and can be done in any factory of your choosing.  

Mil Gracias

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