Feb 25, 2014

HIS DUMPTRUCK RUNNETH OVER: Ugandan President Museveni declared ‘Gay sex gives you worms and all gay people are prostitutes’

President Museveni of Uganda, dangerous and deadly to fellow citizens

¨Gay sex gives you worms and all gay people are prostitutes¨


The TRUTH is out of focus in Uganda (on purpose $$$)

We, LGBT people, our families, our friends, all-around the World are to sit quietly, behave prayerfully and turn more of our lifetimes over to the firing/spewing squad as dangerous and corrupt political/religiouslike people (to call them leaders would be pathetic) spread lies, filth, myths and free-for-all-slander about us? 

Her Spitefullness, The ¨Graceless¨ Speaker of the Ugandan Paliament

I don't think so. 

I believe that the God who created me also wants me to be the authentic person that I was created to be...not some rearranged version to please greed/pride stricken, very Scripturally selective, Bibletwisted, Bibletwisters like you!  

The look of Americas ($$$) hate-the-Gay  evangelical Christian  love

Yes, God wants me to be authentic in all areas of my life.  Period.  Accountable, responsible and honest when participating in my everyday life.  Truth matters to the God of my understanding.  

Not a prostitute (yet), wormless, happy as a clam, me!

The God that I know wants me to be me (and you to keep a sharp eye on your own personal character and behavior).

Being me doesn't happen to include any of the poisoness nonsense, filth and everyday slander that bigots and thieves in Uganda/beyond attribute to people like me.

No dice. No soap. No go! Nada! Go fishing elsewhere!

A notable monster amongst the self-serving/opportunists  LGBT-haters at the Anglican Communion,
Henry Luke Orombi, former Primate of Uganda.

Glaring examples of intentionally harming, demeaning and demonizing people like me exist and come more into light of reality daily...none more viciously and dishonestly (or plain stupidly) demonstrated at the moment than with nasty (I would say ¨vile¨) words coming from President Museveni of Uganda and his emotionally/spiritually warped/grasping wife, Janet Museveni.  

Spewing LGBT hate, Janet Museveni, First Lady of Uganda

Janet, is a bleedingheart hatemonger who spouts off in UGANDA/beyond that LGBT citizens are cursed and evilposessed.  MP and Mrs. ¨first lady¨ Museveni wants to be the next president of Uganda...how low will she go to achieve that goal?  How many people will die so this vicious soul can try to fly high and be addressed as Madame President?

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