May 14, 2013

EXPOSING DECEIT -- THE AGE OF REALITY: Gaining on honesty, equality, justice and self-accountability!

My view from the foot of the volcano is good.  The fog and clouds are lifting and much is clearing as I look around me and upward into heaven and the setting of a older way of being. The world is changing faster than ever before. This time, our time, is the time of one of the giant-step ages of enlightenment and progress that will benefit all.

The sun is shining and the dark shadows are being swept away.

As I sit in my little pueblo in Central America with donkey's, cows, goats and heavy hand-carts going up and down the street, progress in this rural setting, is alive. The world around us is changing as fast as it can, and this is good.  It's not quite kicked up into vertically dealing with every unsavory/outdated issue yet, but the rusty ancient chains that have physically, spiritually and economically bound us are rotting and breaking rapidly.  Change is real.  Playing pretend is dead. 

There are few places left to hide.  We, all of us, are being set free to travel  higher roads paved with learning, understanding and everyday integrity provided by authentic/reliable news sources and helpful scientific information at/in hand.  

Mischiefmakers/worsemakers from the past are being held accountable and many greed driven abusers of others will continously be known for their violent harming of mankind.  Every thieving and selfish act causes human suffering.

There are inexpensive computer/internet shops on every block even here in a small pueblo in Guatemala.  Almost everyone is learning how to read and write (and operate computers).  There are ¨Learning Centers¨ in this town and soon to be in other towns too

Rusty/rotted mechanisms of communication/sensibilities are being replaced with better understanding when facing reality and acceptance of things that can, and often must, be changed and understood better. Exploitation of people, nature and everyday humanity is being starkly clarified before us and discrimination against others, for whatever reason, is being exposed for the hate/fear and most often opportunist soulsouring public illness that it is

The cards have been dealt face down on the table. Now, right now in this period of time, one-by-one those cards are being turned up for all to see.

The age of REALITY, self-accountability, equality and justice is here, open your eyes to see.

Thanks be to God

Leonardo Ricardo
Leonard Clark
Guatemala, Central America

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