Jul 26, 2009

INSANITY ALERT: The Sky is Falling, BEWARE, There is No Place To Hide!

HOLA FRIENDS, Thanks for visiting my reentry into this cyberplace and special thanks to Bonnie for the kind welcome home!

I´m glad to be back as I encountered various settings and engagement with raging insanity in the Good Ol´ U.S.A.

I´m trying to regroup and put life and REALITY into perspective...I keep wondering why there are so many insane people with so much denial strung along and FAR OUT by the bigoted ¨haters¨...really it´s staggering, sober, to think that the Eisenhower Republican All Americano Club of my parents has been converted into the ego tainted frothy, mean, know-it-all Party with many rabid shrewdies/dummies and ¨gross¨ unseemlies...what do I know, I was brought up at sweet Betty Crockers house (thanks be to Dad, Mom and God...TRUMAN/IKE suggested we build our bombproof white picket fense) and as everyone knows, Betty was Republican (even though her illustrations and editing were always done perfectly by smart Democrats who were Publishers too.).

I recently visited a few chambers of contemporary Americana Horror...shock!

Anyway, I´m probably not the person to figure it ALL out but I certainly had various opportunities trying to seperate/absorb fantasy from pretend while viewing drug addiction, wincing at active and living/boozing alcoholism and alternately embracing some of our beloved yet emotionally/spiritually ¨challenged¨ defiant selfdestructionists...I had trouble finding a healthy balance taking in all I encountered.

Probably the most serene part was going shopping for designer bargains with a young Russian immigrant friend that I see at a Convention we attend every year...always a different city, makes the searching fun!

Of course there were some ¨attending¨ enablers around the infirmed. My least favorite. The Mommies/Daddies ¨little helper¨ ¨killers¨ ¨adjusters¨, the codependent partner who blood/spiritsucks and attempts to manage lives for ¨your own good¨..all, so they can get, get, get or play, play, play or whatever they NEED! Getting whatever it is they think THEY must have as they seek cover in the souls of some of the walking wounded!

Engaged codependents can be sometimes seen when keeping themselves ¨safe¨ by using ALL manipulative and artificial, CONTROL, shame and/or blame on a ¨emotionally offtrack¨ ricipient/target/lovedone in their care...codependents sometimes convolute REAL into their version of personal correctness and heroism, sometimes their ¨good intentions¨ go unappreciated, not pretty...some need constant reassurance for their ¨helpfulness¨ which is a temporary fix for their TERROR FILLED SELVES...they burn out, but not without a FIGHT to FIX YOU! DECADES later, the party is over (with any luck at all).

Let´s see if I have a steady enough head and hand to report back to ALL of you and review MY personal experiences/travels/observations and upclose ¨exposure¨ this year, Summer 2009, in the Land of some of the nearly BUSH DAMNED (many think so in Latin America) but never-the-less, mostly a report from the Red, White and Blueland of the admired and BRAVE.

Not-so-oddly, I think the once closeted manufacturers of mass vileness toward fellow human beings no longer hide their nastiness in the U.S.A, they take pride in their prejudice...some of vintage fear/hate is brought to US by the all-new selective Scriptural purist/fundie instigating preachers/blamers of the subsidized viciousness towards the marginalized...not forgetting, of course, the religiouslike pontificating/fundraising of hatedriven common con artists, blowhards, prancers, opportunists, common thugs and liars for fame (they´ve twisted into a mission for Christ).

I´m certain there will be a upcoming Part Two of this RANT!

Please stay tuned, after I settle down, I´ll give you the specifics and ¨tone it down¨ lovingly before Father Jake makes an appearance and shows me to the door of MY OWN HOUSE!

In the RIGHT NOW, I WILL PRAY TO GOD FOR A GIANT (and inclusive) SPIRITUAL WELLNESS PROGRAM to spread throughout the land of good crowning and brotherhood (maybe Congress can attach the ¨emergency emotional wellness/anti-greed¨ part to the Health Bill reform)...ofcourse, as you probably know, the worst sorting/bottoming out and self-revealing-into-healing always happens individually, person by person, before anything can be done, even for me, a aspiring self-righteous/reformer, sinner/ observer who has seen more than enough selfishness, jealousy, greed, fear, thievery, bigotry and hate acted out in the lifetimes of those amongst us who don´t give a damn regarding the well being of others...no, really, wake up, they don´t...as Mom and Dad often said, ¨actions speak louder than words.¨ Pray for silence and healing before there is a revolution in the streets.

Hang on Loopie! Hang on!


Healthy, emotional and spiritual change we can believe in...it´s far different than a World where some will continue to self-deceive in and exploit and harm others thinking they are ¨orthodox¨ belivers of all stripe.

Thanks again Bonnie and friends for keeping an eye on me and out for me (my sitemeter reported a nice number of continuing International daily visitors even as I kept my keyboard dark..wow)!

Mil Gracias!

Con Cariño,

Leonardo Ricardo

(with a slightly bruised, albeit innocently/painfully achieved, kneecap injury...God LIVES in the Airline ¨check in person¨ who ordered a wheelchair for me without me asking as I limped into view at International Departures...yikes, I barely made it out of from the Fronts)


I really do have to think of a way to color my travel story without touching the fragile beings/raging maniacs that I´ve described above...it´s a serious yet wonderful story, that is good, funny and sad. Wait until I tell you about the lovely and dear new crossdressing friend I met...great person (I didn´t like ¨those kind¨ of Gay People before).

God had many messages for me, all were delivered!




Look at the lovely chocolate ¨get well¨ treat that Lynn fixed for me at ¨Off Topic Allowed¨ click HERE and ENJOY it with me!

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James said...

I'm glad you're back, hermino de me!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Love you back. Doesn't sound as though you have been off having fun without us. Will await Part II of "The Rant."

Prayers for healing for the bruised knee.

Lynn said...

Welcome home, Leonardo dearest. Have Juan Carlos whip you up a cool, healing tropical fruit smoothie from yours truly.

Stay off that knee for a bit, okay? (HUG)

motheramelia said...

Oh my, sounds like The Rant is really needed. I, unfortunately, "had" to have breakfast with a "hater" last week and it ruined two days. Told him I refused to discuss or listen to what he had to say. Fortunately I kept busy with mindless packing and now no longer have to deal with this most odious individual. Looking forward to more about the trip.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Mother Amelia,

It´s hard for me to keep quiet or even slightly ¨normal¨ around haters...the´ve finally crossed the line with me. For years I listened and listened (and was glad to know what feardriven ugliness was bantered about even at Church) but after Rove and Bush and their campaign of premeditated hatemongering, well, I didn´t shut up anymore (unless immediate danger lurks).

Once I believed what the ¨haters¨ said about people like me...thanks be to the God that I cried out to over 30 years ago that I came to know that God WANTED me to be the authentic me...then, I became responsible.

Life is fascinating and FILLED with all sorts of emotions and feelings...I LOVE knowing the full range of my feelings...I´m not afraid anymore.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

whoops, I wanted to say...thanks for writing about the REAL STUFF!

David G. said...

Welcome back bro!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks David! Hope you´re adjusting to the bliss of having more time for yourself...more will be revealed (it always is)!

Vernon Diannah Porter said...

Leonardo, You are something else. LOL LOL. I just loved reading your BLOG .. and can't wait until you write some more. How in the heck did you injur your knee. Don't tell me .. leave it to my imagination. [LOL]. I had such a tremendous time with you @ the Convention and look forward to maybe going next year. Be good and keep the faith and don't do anything I wouldn't .. and if you do.. keep notes and I have sometimes forget things. Big HUGs and lots of love from this neck of the woods. Vernon & Lady Di

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Vernon/Lady Di (before the otherone appeared in England)

Thanks for visiting my blog...I miss you (and I also miss that wonderful Club Sandwhich we both ordered at our adios luncheon)...you´re a wonderful new friend, thank you for being a great companion (and a hardworking one) in Portland!

The knee I ¨innocently¨ banged on the table leg at my dear friend Patricias home in Indiana (the night before I returned to Central America...limped all the way home)...one long, and painful, limp (more than 12 hours worth)...but, I´m all better NOW! Thank God for our doctor/mayor in this tiny village and for the Pharmicist lady...who knew what to do (and she corrected the medicine dossage downward)...life is good as I paint, paint, paint.