Oct 30, 2013

STOP IN THE NAME OF LOVE: Fr. Ricardo Frohmader and the English speaking Episcopal/Anglican parishes of St. James and St. Albans in Guatemala, Central America

Today, I had lunch with a longterm great friend, Elizabeth Bell (Antigua Tours) http://antiguatours.net/and she is  the most well known/award winning and  famous historian and author around this Spanish Colonial Capitol (and Episcopalian) and our new priest Fr. Ricardo Frohmader (a very fun and loving man).  Fr. Ricardo is working very hard with the English Speaking parishes in Guatemala City (St. James) and Antigua (St. Albans) and he does both services with Holy Eucharist in both cities EVERY Sunday. 

It was a wonderful mid-week-break and sooo much fun as we had a lovely/casual patio lunch (Big Americano style hamburgers, with french fries and even a cheese cake jumbo slice we split for dessert) --- AND, all with a view of the stunning AGUA VOLCANO. 

We decided that St. Albans/Antigua, Guatemala will start to share our ongoing mission story on facebook. Get ready, we are coming to a facebook page near you...St. Albans, Guatemala! (besides everything else, it's been a lovely day in Sacatepequez) Google the Agua Volcano, or Antigua, Guatemala and you will see. Click on Antigua Tours, or find Fr. Ricardo and Elizabeth Bell amongst my friends...close ones!

Visit Guatemala and visit St. James (at the Cathedral of Santiago) and St. Albans (Casa Convento Concepcion) for English Episcopal/Anglican services too.  We are a very friendly/hospitable and all-around lovely bunch of Episcopalians, and fully inclusive too!

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