Oct 10, 2013

RETIREMENT IN FULL BLOOM: The colorfilled world of my artwork that keeps on growing (just like me)

Earlier in my working life I attended the Premiere Vision/Première Vision exposition (fabric forecasting one year in advance) in Paris every year for over eight years. It was a fantastic experience because every major, and growing/minor, fashion designer/product person visited this show to better understand coming trends in color, in texture, in mood (every) as emerging through textiles.

Première Vision, Paris
 Many of the best known designers attend to order or customize and then order their fabrics for fashion week/season presentations (all different shows in different countries and at different levels of pricepoints at retail and wholesale). Attending Premiere Vision/Paris remains part of my collection of inspirational memories in my life as both a buyer and later as a product development person.

Pointillism for prints?
In retirement my artwork has grown and blossomed into the kind of newness and excitement that I think would make very new/saleable fabric prints (or wovens) for either fashion or decorative (even printed on manmade or natural materials such as leather for handbags).

Geometrics? (lamp bases, series of three pair)
I am now deciding what a solid new presentation of my work (possibly even in concert with a NGO for their fund raising) would look like for promoting  it/myself into the fashion industry (again).

I am also thinking much about a sensible/captivating online direct approach and will look forward to making contact with relieable and forward fashion editors, designers and sources who value interesting/new artwork in the fashion and/or decorative/design industry.

Woven primitives?
My ¨cubism¨  faces - oversize cotton sheeting  prints?

Please contact me privately or here/comments, or at facebook, or at santosiempre at yahoo dot com. I appreciate suggestions and would be glad for your help with contact information (names, emails) or everyday advise.  Thank you

Leonardo Ricardo aka Leonard Clark Beardsley

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