Jul 22, 2017

THE OTHERSIDE OF THE VOLCANO - Part 23: "I had no idea there was so much of me/others to see."

"So Many Feelings"
Leonardo Ricardo
July 2017
I keep wondering about all the feelings I have.  I have so many.  

Does one get enhanced feelings with more age?  Who knows?  Not me, but it seems like I have more of them, or I feel them more than ever before.  How do you keep count? Sometimes they wear me out!

I have a friend who I chat with regularly on the telephone.  A friend who lives in Guatemala but not near me.  We are "Norte Americanos"  both.  My friend has a PHD and is very wise in many real life "experienced" ways.  She has experienced many BIG challenges, met them and remembers much of the journey that may come to an end in Guatemala one day.

We agree that life is a one way *trip* and the inner and outer scenery changes/changed greatly along the way...all the time there are changes and mostly in a very mind-expanding, and/or mind-boggling way.

We are NOT among those who stay with their/our own tribe...mostly.  We are one way travelers with individual seat assignments, plans, hopes and ideas varied regarding our past and our personal destinies. We are singles and one of a kinds. We agree, we were/are willing to go for the ride, strive to do our part to survive, and to keep going on the creative, and even not so creative, journey. We are willing to "accept" the many things we can not now, or before now, change. We both know how to say "no."  We don't admire "denial" or pretend.  Each of the "we" are a strong force in our own lives (and sometimes other peoples lives too).

For me this is a renewed but even more clear awareness...personal awareness grabs me, shakes me and says something like "stay, stay with ME again today, feel the real, don't be afraid"...being in the *real* brings me to exactly who I am at this moment in time (my time and your time/all time). Few diversions from the "truth" are allowed by me.  Leap!

I had no idea there was so much of me/others to see...I like being present.  

Leonardo Ricardo aka Leonard Clark Beardsley

San Miguel Dueñas, Sacatepequez

(it's a beautiful/sunny day today)


JCF said...

Len! Just heard about the 8.0 earthquake off Oaxaca/Chiapas (if felt in Mexico City, I'm sure you felt it too). Post to say you're OK please!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Good morning, JCF

Thank you for thinking of me. I was watching the Patriots vs. Chiefs game last night and fell asleep during the 4th inning. I turned turned off the T.V. and climbed under the covers and slept deeply..YOU just reminded me of the Earthquake that happened sometime between then and now...the dogs started barking and I woke up and found a place on the floor where glass/etc falling objects wouldn't hit me. It seemed to go on and on for quite some time but nothing was harmed here...we are about six hours (by car) South of Chiapas (where I was for my birthday on August 25th..I hope everyone is unharmed there and beyond in Mexico and Guatemala...this was, no doubt a very STRONG earthquake and I will find out more about it right now. Un abrazo fuerte, Len

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I fell asleep during the rth QUARTER (I hate baseball). lol, Len