May 14, 2014

UPDATED - LET US STOP PLAYING ¨ANGLICAN PRETEND¨ WITH THE ARCHBISHOPS OF CANTERBURY AND YORK (When celibate is not enough assurance of priestly purity vs. heterosexual sexual bliss)

The Archbishops of York and Canterbury, Church of England
Ebor and Cantuar tickled Pink?

I think it is just plain stupid...++Justin and ++John lead the pack of the ¨sheltered/worse¨ who live in a world of such DENIAL, POSTURING and PRETEND. It  is a wonder they can find their way out from under any dilemma without DEMANDING that God issue special tablets of Gold with their personal names on them!

I think, I truly do, that God wants me, a member of the LGBTI community, to be the authentic person that God created me to be..self accountable and responsible in all my affairs..I almost killed myself trying to deny my basic moral decency, or adhere to their kind of appropiateness for my being..I WILL not allow my silence as EBOR or any of the THOUGHTLESS and brutal GLOBAL SOUTH/GAFCON archbishops set any religiouslike standard that endorses the TORMENTING of fellow human beings at Church. 

Archbishop Justin Welby may be bordering on passive/masochistic-aggressive or is plain dim-witted/ego-protecting but that will NOT excuse the harm he does.  ++Justin  ought quickly speak out about the  full-fledged validity and worthiness of (equal to heterosexual) LGBTI Anglicans at all levels of churchlife.

Imagine the lifetimes of prejudice/discrimination he endorses by doing his current jig of prancing Lambeth Palace dance of death (on the misery and graves of LGBTI Anglicans). Of course I have little respect for those who make lives living HELL for LGBTI Anglicans/others,..respect is earned and I have little for neither self-righteous bigots, hatemongers, cowards nor thieves/greedy grandstanding *leaders* at Church. Leonardo Ricardo/Len

Stop the denial !

¨The Church of England has announced that it will support civil parnerships for gay priests, as long as they don't have sex for the rest of their lives.  Here Richard Haggis, a practising priest and homosexual, calls for his superiors to see the error of their ways...¨


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